Great Grandparents

I mentioned yesterday that we met the Big Man's Grandparent's at the airport, but what I forgot to write about was how amazing it was to introduce them to Max. They weren't expecting the Big Man, Max and I to be there when they landed, so when they saw us standing there holding Max there were tears all around (not so many from the Big Man, but I made up for that!).

The Big Man's Mum, Dad and Aunty were also with us at the airport and between the three ladies Max was held and hugged almost as much as he was in the first couple of days after he was born!

What really moved me though was when I was watching the Big Man's Meme (Grandmother) holding Max and I realised that 50 odd years ago she was holding the Big Man's Mum, 28 years ago she was holding the Big Man and now she was holding Max - her second Great Grandchild. Beautiful!

The Big Man's Pepe (Granddad) got in on the action too and after we had collected the luggage he pushed Max in his pram out to where we had parked the cars. It was so sweet to see them instantly fall in love with Max :)

They stayed and had lunch with us and we took plenty of photos. Then they headed up to Hervey Bay with the Big Man's parents. We'll be heading up there ourselves after Christmas so that Max can get to know his Great Grandparents a bit better.

T xx


Anonymous said...

How absolutley special. xxx

Tamsyn said...

It is! Max is lucky enough to have 3 Great Grandparents :)