Big Boy Cot

My tiny little baby boy is not so tiny anymore.

{Max two months ago}

I have been thinking about moving him over to his proper cot for a couple of weeks now. He is getting way to big for his bassinet {which is next to our bed} and he is getting to the point where he'll wake up when I come into the bedroom to get ready for bed.

{can't half tell he's been throwing a tantrum!}

The other day we decided to start letting him sleep in his cot during the day. We're going to see how it goes and if all is well we will start putting him in there at night as well.

Honestly he probably won't even care, but it's a big milestone for me and another sign that he's no longer a newborn...



jeanie said...

Oh well done! We had to move out a while ago, as Josette woke herself up often hitting the sides or flinging a leg over the edge.

Don't they look tiny in the cot? Bet we won't be saying that for long...

Bec said...


I managed to put off putting Erin into her big girl bed for almost six months. It's very traumatic when your kids start to grow up on you.

Tamsyn said...

It is traumatic Bec! Mayne not for him, but very much so for me!

He does look tiny, I can't imagine how little he would have looked if we had him in there from the very start... Max has started hooking a leg over one side so I don't think it will be much longer before the transition becomes permanent.