Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

I know, I know it has been a while!!

I have been keeping myself occupied by spending more time with the Big Man lately - we have been going on a date once a week so that we can stay connected :). So far we have indulged in a trip to the Andy Warhol exhibition, a romantic picnic in the park, a weekend in Hervey Bay and a night at the Opera. We are taking it in turns coming up with the ideas and it really is lovely. I feel more connected to him already!

The other thing I am supposed to be doing (but not really doing very well) is planning our wedding......... My best friend (who is one of my beautiful bridesmaids) came down on the weekend so that we could make some inroads. We had very high expectations of ourselves and had decided to get almost everything done in one weekend (overly ambitious I know). We spent a couple of hours flicking through magazines, one hour shopping our way through an entire warehouse of crafting and sewing discount madness and then a further 2 and a half hours buying new outfits for going out that night.... All we managed to get for the wedding was some lace and fancy glue for the invites and 2 very beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

We had planned to get everything we need for the invitations and start making them, but we just ran out of time. At least we looked gorgeous that night in our new outfits!!

More soon, I promise......
T xx