Max and Cooper

Cooper is starting to come around to the idea that Max might be someone fun to play with. He's still not 100% convinced, but occasionaly he will take his tennis ball over to Max and drop it in front of him. Max loves it and will do anything to get close to Cooper. So cute!

I figure in a couple of months they will be able to keep each other entertained for hours!


So Close

Max is almost crawling! He can do it if he really tries, but it's like he kind of forgets what works and has to start over each day. Or he will almost have it, but will then decide to try something else and end up going backwards instead. So cute!

The Big Man took this video of him today while I was at work...

My adorable little baby is growing up :)


The Dog Knows...


Cooper is on the couch in the front living room, waiting for visitors to turn up. Want to know why?

Because I'm cleaning the house...

Cheeky puppy has realised that these days I only clean up when we have visitors coming.

Hmm looks like I should probably make an effort to tidy up a bit more often.

Lately though every spare moment I have I want to spend with Max, not vacuuming the floors. Do most working Mums have this problem?