This morning I had a really hard time going to work and leaving Max.

With the news story about the young girl in Bundaberg, the 6 year old girl in Western Australia and a friend of mine losing her baby at 36 weeks over the weekend, it felt like there was sadness all around me.

All I wanted to do today was hold Max. I wanted to play with him while he was awake, feed him when he was hungry and hold him in my arms whilst he slept.

Instead I gave him a million hugs and kisses and went off to work at 9.30 this morning.

All day at work I thought about how much I love him and how incredibly grateful I am to have in my life.

When I got home tonight he was already sound asleep in bed. So I'm waiting (and looking forward) to him waking up for a feed so that I can hold him, hug him and tell him how much I love him.

T xx

A Busy Weekend

My first week back at work was topped off by a busy weekend as well and I am now officially exhausted.

On Friday night, the Big Man, Max and I drove over an hour to the other side of Brisbane to help celebrate our friend Doug's 30th Birthday. As we always do when we catch up with this particular group of friends, we had a blast! Because I started work at 7am the next morning we weren't able to stay late and the Big Man needed to stay sober so that he was in a good frame of mind to take care of Max the next day. The Big Man was a bit disappointed that he wasn't able to let loose and drink with the boys, but I think that being a Dad outweighed his feeling of missing out!

After I finished work the next day I went to my companies Sales Awards Night. It was my first night out without Max and the Big Man... I had a great time, but by 10pm I was ready to come home to my boys :)

One thing that I found really interesting was realising how different some of my collegues are outside of work. I guess when people have a few drinks they feel like they can relax and show more of themselves!

I had a great weekend, but I was so glad to have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off to catch up on my sleep. (How old does that make me sound!!).

T xx

My First Week Back

I survived my first week back at work... and I even managed to enjoy myself!

I had a bit of a rocky start though. By 10am on my first day I was in tears in the bathroom, well not just tears... huge racking, slightly hysterical sobbing. Definitely not my finest moment.

When I left for work in the morning I asked the Big Man to keep his phone close by because I would be calling at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to see how Max was doing. So when he didn't answer on my first break I kind of (totally) lost it. I went back to my desk and tried to be brave, but I couldn't keep it together.

Whist I was in the bathroom I managed to get hold of the Big Man - after I sent him the following text message: why didn't you answer? If you don't call me in the next 20 minutes I will be coming home, which will mean I probably get fired. Which will probably happen anyway seeing as I'm in the bathroom crying instead of working - overly dramatic much!

Anyway the Big Man told me that he was doing fine and Max was perfectly happy :). So I dried my eyes and went back my desk.

After that I settled down heaps and didn't have any other dramas. At the end of my first day I felt really happy, which made me realise that I've made the right choice to go back.

T xx

Valentine's Day

The Big Man and I spent our first Valentine's Day as parents in one of the most beautiful corners of the world - Montville on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

It was an absolutely perfect day.

We started out by going to Kondalilla National Park and walking through to the rockpool and Kondalilla Falls. It was a really easy walk and it was just beautiful!

Along the way we saw a snake. I think that it was a incredibly venomous yellow belly something-or-other snake. The Big Man thinks it was a green tree snake. I'll let you make your own mind up... (click on the photo to enlarge).

The plan was that when we got to the rock-pool all three of us would go for a swim. We also imagined that it would just be the three of us. Turns out about 50 other people had the same idea! Still it was beautiful anyway, and the tanned, buff, young men jumping off the rocks into the pool made for entertaining viewing (if you like that kind of thing, which I don't, I only have eyes for the Big Man ;) ).

The Big Man decided to still go for a swim, but it was way to cold for me and Max. So we sat on the rocks and did some people watching.

The walk back from the falls was definitely not as easy... It was all uphill :( Very pretty, but very much uphill!

After we finished up in the National Park we drove into Montville and decided to have lunch at Montville Cafe, Bar and Grill. It was delicious, we will definitely be going back there again! It also had a really great atmosphere. We sat outside in the garden and all of the tables were really spread out and were either situated under the trees or covered by big umbrellas. Really lovely.

Max was a super-star all day and the three of us had the nicest day :)

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day too!

xx Tam

(Only downside to the day... I forgot to charge the camera battery so all of the photos were taken with the iphone).

Going Back to Work

Yep, I'm doing it. After I had Max I ummed and arred about whether or not I would be going back, I made my mind up about the time he stopped sleeping all day... Jokes!

Seriously though I love being a Mum, but I'm also really looking forward to going back to work. So next Tuesday I go back. 3 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Ten bucks says I'll be crying my eyes out by 10am. But I'll make it through. I'm sure that coming home to a beautiful smiling boy will make it all ok!

T xx

2 Months Old

Dear Max,

Happy two months old! Wow, I am amazed at how much difference a month can make. You don't look or sound like a newborn any more and you most certainly don't act like one. You're now a baby boy through and through.

The hands down best thing that has happened this month is your enormous smile. We love it so much. At first you started out smiling at us in bed each morning after your 5 or 6am feed. Now we can't stop you, you smile and laugh all the time! I might be biased, but I think that you have the most beautiful smile in the entire world :)

A couple of weeks ago I read that from six weeks on you might start spending up to 10 hours a day awake. I looked at Daddy and said how lucky we were to have a little boy that loves to sleep. Well, you certainly showed us! Over the last couple of weeks you have spent a lot more time awake.... and wanting to be held. We have lots of games and activities for you, but your favourite thing is just to be held. It doesn't matter who holds you, as long as you can feel a warm set of arms, you're a happy contented baby.

This month more than anything else I am feeling the love that you have for Daddy and I. We've noticed that you watch us a lot more and if we leave the room you will often have something to say about it! We love that you love us, it makes us feel very special.

Your have three favourite games at the moment. The first is when Daddy talks to you in a silly voice, it is guaranteed to make you smile every time (and me... I absolutely love watching you two hang out together!). You also love playing 'kicky legs', whether it's on the change-table, on the bed or in your bouncer. You just love to kick and I love to hold on to your feet and help you kick (especially whilst I hum the can-can music - I figure I can only get away with this for a short amount of time before it embarrasses you, so I'm definitely making the most of it!). The third thing that you really love right now is your crinkly book. We read it everyday and it gets you smiling every single time.

When I think back at how much has happened this month I get so excited about this next month will bring.

Everyday I think that I couldn't possibly love you any more, but as time goes on I continue to love you more and more. You are my amazing baby boy!

Lots of Love, Mummy xxoo

Max's Quilt

My Mum is really great at craft, especially quilting.

Now, I can be a bit particular (or demanding and fussy, depends who you're asking I guess) when it comes to things that get displayed in my home.

But when Mum showed me the quilt that she made for Max it was love at first site. It's perfect and better than I could have possibly imagined!

Max is so lucky to have such a talented Grandma!

T xx