Happy Birthday Max!

My gorgeous little baby boy turned one today. Such a huge milestone!

The Big Man and I both worked today, but we still managed to have an awesome day with Max and squeezed in plenty of celebrating.

We started the day off super early (5am early) so that we could open his presents. Although Max did insist on having his morning bottle first. This kid has his priorities set in concrete!!

After the bottle was done and dusted the Big Man helped Max open his first present. It was a truck, one of Max's favourite things at the moment. He seemed to really enjoy pulling at the wrapping paper and finding out what was under it. His reaction when he realised it was a truck was way too cute.

After work/daycare the Big Man and I took Max to sizzler for his birthay ('coz we're all class in this family!) and he loved that too. I loaded his plate up with all sorts of yummy foods and tried to sneak in a few things he hadn't tried yet like broccoli and mushrooms. He decided that he liked the potato salad and cheese bread best.

After dinner I gave him a tiny bowl of ice-cream. Check out the video if you want to see my baby on a sugar high! He sure did love it :)


On Saturday we're having his first birthday party, so hopefully he will have another fun day with just as many smiles!