My Famous Babies

Both of my furry little babies have recently made their web-debuts and I couldn't be more proud of them :)

The first up was Ollie. My sister used a photo that I had posted here and added a caption to it over at It was completely adorable, but I didn't think much more of it..... Until one morning, I woke up, got myself breakfast, opened up google reader and next thing you know there was my gorgeous little kitten on the lolcats feed. Adorable, yes?

He has grown up so much since I took this picture!

More recently Cooper had his 15 minutes of fame on Terry Stanley's blog, dog days of painting. The painting is even more amazing in real life and every time I look at it I remember how incredibly cute my dog is!

Our First Scan


Meet our little peanut! We had our first appointment with our obstetrician on Wednesday at 3pm. It was amazing!

When we first arrived at the clinic we had to answer a million questions, which I found really hard to concentrate on because all I wanted to do was see that there was actually a baby inside my belly. All day I'd been stressing out that I was imagining the whole pregnancy and that when they did they scan there wasn't going to be a baby (crazy, I know).

When we finally got to the scan I was amazed at how quickly we got to see the baby. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and I still get tears in my eyes when I remember that first image of our baby and seeing it's tiny heart beating so quickly.

The doctor pointed out all the bits and pieces, big head, arm buds, beating heart, umbilical cord, legs etc and I just lay there holding the Big Man's hand whilst I alternated between crying and laughing. Have I mentioned how amazing it was!?

We did find out though that we are only nine and a half weeks, not ten and a half. I guess that explains why I didn't get a positive test until (what I thought was) 5 weeks. It was a bit hard to grasp at first because every Monday we open up the baby book and look at the picture of the week that we are up to and read about what our baby is doing that week. I think that once we get past ten weeks (again) I won't mind so much, because we will be able to start moving forward again.

All in all it was the most amazing day of my life so far, I think that it even beats my wedding day!

T xx

The One About My Hair

Today I have perfect hair. Which is awesome, I always feel my absolute best when my hair is looking good. I put lots of effort into my hair.....

Except not today. Today, I put no effort into doing my hair and it is perfect. Considering I am going to be a Mum soon and am probably not going to have 45 minutes each morning to do my hair, this is definitely a good thing.

My normal hair routine involves, washing my hair, conditioning the ends and mid-lengths, towel drying, applying root lifting spray, using curling mouse or carbohydrate booster (depending on whether I am going straight of curly that day), blow-drying upside down until my hair is completely dry, staying upside down for another minute so that my hair cools down (this helps keep the volume in - trust me!), then finally straightening or curling my hair with the ghd. Whew. Like I said 45 minutes.

This morning I washed and conditioned my hair as usual, towel dried a tiny bit, brushed my hair and that was it. It did take 30 minutes to dry, but during that time I did other things (breakfast, facebook, read my feeds etc). And.... it's perfect. It looks sleek and shiny, I have cute little flicks in my layers and it doesn't feel 'producty'. I love it!!

I think I will still use my 45 minute routine whenever I want curls, but all-in-all I think I have just found a much quicker way to get ready in the mornings!

T xx

Four Weeks of Fun

The past four weeks have been fairly good to me. Whilst I have had morning sickness, it hasn't been anywhere as bad as what I know my Mum, my Sister and some of my friends have experienced.

For the first two weeks I had practically no nausea, just ongoing dizziness, which wasn't much fun. I didn't get a lot done those two weeks, I just sat on the couch or in bed with my laptop feeling sorry for myself :)

Now for these last couple of weeks I have had almost constant nausea. It starts about 3am in the morning and stops when I fall asleep at night and is at it's worst right as I want to eat dinner. Yesterday though, I finally had a nausea free day. It felt really good! I worked on some of my craft projects, tidied up the house, did some gardening and generally enjoyed myself :)

It was such a good day that I decided to go out and buy dinner instead of cooking. I got Nandos (yum)! I couldn't finish my burger so I gave that to Cooper, and I couldn't finish my chips so I gave those to the Big Man. Then I got up, went to get the doona so that I could lie on the couch and watch the AFL. The next thing you know I was vomiting up my entire dinner. No warning, no nausea, no nothing. Just 30 seconds separating happily full, to a one hundred percent empty stomach :( Boo.

It was unlike any vomiting I have ever done in the past. I mean, aren't I supposed to feel sick before, after or during the incident? I felt fine though , so I then went and ate three different flavours of gelati. Yum!!

Enough whining from me anyway, I am off to update my blogroll (it is so far out of date that it's not funny). If you are a regular commenter, chances are that I already read your blog and I will include you, but if not please just leave me a comment and I will happily add you to the list.

T xx