Four Weeks of Fun

The past four weeks have been fairly good to me. Whilst I have had morning sickness, it hasn't been anywhere as bad as what I know my Mum, my Sister and some of my friends have experienced.

For the first two weeks I had practically no nausea, just ongoing dizziness, which wasn't much fun. I didn't get a lot done those two weeks, I just sat on the couch or in bed with my laptop feeling sorry for myself :)

Now for these last couple of weeks I have had almost constant nausea. It starts about 3am in the morning and stops when I fall asleep at night and is at it's worst right as I want to eat dinner. Yesterday though, I finally had a nausea free day. It felt really good! I worked on some of my craft projects, tidied up the house, did some gardening and generally enjoyed myself :)

It was such a good day that I decided to go out and buy dinner instead of cooking. I got Nandos (yum)! I couldn't finish my burger so I gave that to Cooper, and I couldn't finish my chips so I gave those to the Big Man. Then I got up, went to get the doona so that I could lie on the couch and watch the AFL. The next thing you know I was vomiting up my entire dinner. No warning, no nausea, no nothing. Just 30 seconds separating happily full, to a one hundred percent empty stomach :( Boo.

It was unlike any vomiting I have ever done in the past. I mean, aren't I supposed to feel sick before, after or during the incident? I felt fine though , so I then went and ate three different flavours of gelati. Yum!!

Enough whining from me anyway, I am off to update my blogroll (it is so far out of date that it's not funny). If you are a regular commenter, chances are that I already read your blog and I will include you, but if not please just leave me a comment and I will happily add you to the list.

T xx


Melanie said...

I havent had morning sickness for 9 years now but you brought it all back for me lol. I dont know how i put on so much weight when I could barely eat. I hope it passes soon

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Melanie and sorry for bringing all those memories back! I am definitely looking forward to my second trimester :)