The One About My Hair

Today I have perfect hair. Which is awesome, I always feel my absolute best when my hair is looking good. I put lots of effort into my hair.....

Except not today. Today, I put no effort into doing my hair and it is perfect. Considering I am going to be a Mum soon and am probably not going to have 45 minutes each morning to do my hair, this is definitely a good thing.

My normal hair routine involves, washing my hair, conditioning the ends and mid-lengths, towel drying, applying root lifting spray, using curling mouse or carbohydrate booster (depending on whether I am going straight of curly that day), blow-drying upside down until my hair is completely dry, staying upside down for another minute so that my hair cools down (this helps keep the volume in - trust me!), then finally straightening or curling my hair with the ghd. Whew. Like I said 45 minutes.

This morning I washed and conditioned my hair as usual, towel dried a tiny bit, brushed my hair and that was it. It did take 30 minutes to dry, but during that time I did other things (breakfast, facebook, read my feeds etc). And.... it's perfect. It looks sleek and shiny, I have cute little flicks in my layers and it doesn't feel 'producty'. I love it!!

I think I will still use my 45 minute routine whenever I want curls, but all-in-all I think I have just found a much quicker way to get ready in the mornings!

T xx


Cat Fulton Bensein said...

Well..... are you going to post a pic?

Tamsyn said...

After three hours of gardening this afternoon, it's not looking quite as good anymore ;) Maybe tomorrow.

Jen said...

I am officially no longer envious of how good your hair always looks. No wonder it takes you so long to get ready!

Congratulations on getting pregnant hair. It will always look good, healthy and shiny and it won't fall out anymore. Well until you have the baby that is... :o)