Messy Weekend

This weekend had been a wash out.

It's Sunday night and my house is still crazy messy. Dishes in the sink, the floors haven't been vacummed, the laundry is in piles on the couch, there are rubbish bags in the laundry and no groceries in the fridge or cupboard.

My excuse? I've been sick. First with a cold and then with a stomach bug for the last couple of days.

The Big Man has been great. He let me sleep for four hours yesterday in the middle of the day and whilst I was sleeping in this morning he loaded up the dishwasher and did some laundry.

Worst part? One of my neighbours showing up with a box of nappies for me. So nice of her, it would have been really rude of me to not invite her in for a coffee. I sat her down in the front room {which was the only clean room in the house}, but whilst I was making coffee she came into the kitchen to see if she could help me... The shame. She has four kids of her own though so I hope that she at least understands.

Luckily I have tomorrow off, hopefully I can get the house cleaned up then.

I'm off to bed.


Say Hi to That Wife

One of the things I love most about blogging is the blog community that we're all a part of. I think that Bloggers Without Make-up was proof of how awesome and supportive we all are of each other. {Thanks Jodie for thinking up such a great idea!}

I spent a bit if time on Friday clicking through to everyone on the McLinky and checking out all of the {gorgeous} photos.

On Saturday I was working my way through my google reader and was so surprised to see that one of my favourite American bloggers had also joined in Bloggers Without Make-up and had linked back to where she first saw about it... here. Thanks Jenna!

If you've read Jenna's blog you'll probably be aware that she has a whole stack of people that read her blog everyday. So as you can imagine I had a whole lot of people come and visit me that Saturday... on the day that I had blogged with no make-up. It was kind of like having a hundred of your friends turning up at your doorstep on a day where you haven't yet done the dishes! Not to worry, at least it's all uphill from here!

Anyway, I do have a point... If you haven't checked out Jenna's blog {that wife} I highly recommend that you do. She has just had a baby and has done a four part series on her home/water birth and is also an amazing photographer. Well worth clicking over I think :)

Happy reading!


Not Thirty

Today is my birthday, I'm not going to tell you how old I am... but I'm about as close to thirty as you can get without actually turning the big three-oh.

The morning didn't get off to the best of starts with Max in bed with us from about 3am. For the last couple of days he has stopped sleeping through and last night neither of us really wanted to get up every half hour, so we let him 'sleep' with us.

When we did get up the day started getting better. I got some gorgeous and thoughtful presents from the Big Man, as well as a much needed cup of coffee. After I dropped the Big Man off at the golf course I picked up my sister and niece and went down to the esplanade to have breakfast with some of my best girlfriends. I got spoilt with more presents and had a lovely, relaxing breakfast {with more coffee to make up for the lack of sleep}.

The rest of the day was spent with my sister, her gorgeous family, the Big Man and Max. We played board games, ate lots of food and had a delicous cake.

A perfect day!


Blogging Nude

You might have noticed that there are a lot of nude photos showing up all around the blogosphere this morning.

I am in awe of all the gorgeous Mummy's that are posting these photos of themself for all to see. It's a really brave thing to do.

I think that it was started by Jodie at Mummy Mayhem. Click through and check out everyone else's photos.

So here goes...

This is me...


Ok, so not totally nude... But my face is completely free of make-up and for me that definitely counts as naked!

I wear make-up every single day, at a bare minimum I wear lip-gloss and mascara and I always wear a full face of make-up to work. And I never {never, ever} let anyone take my photo when I haven't got make-up on. So this feels very refreshing!

If you haven't given it a go yet, you totally should :)


What Gives?

Sorry for being absent for the last couple of days...

It seems like I only have enough time each day to do a certain amount of things. Generally those things are spending time with my gorgeous family, working, catching up with friends, housework and blogging. None of them are really done to the best of my ability, but I am at least getting them done...

Now I've gone and added exercise into the mix and thrown my life into chaos! By the time I get home from my evening walk {super fast work thanks to the incredibly fit Emma, who I am trying to keep up with} all I want to do is lie on the couch and then crawl into bed.

I figure {hope} it will only take a couple of weeks before I notice an increase in my energy levels and then I will be able to fit everything again.

Anyway I'm off of to clean the house. Happy Friday everyone xx


My First Mother's Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous! My first Mother's Day and most definitely my best one {well so far anyway!}.

My day started off with the Big Man looking after Max's first feed so that I could have a sleep in. Considering sleeping is one of my all time favourite activities, it was the perfect start to the day.

I did get out of bed eventually and we headed down to the park for breakfast with friends of ours that were also celebrating their first Mother's Day.

It was a gorgeous day, a little bit cool and sunny. Just how I like it!

After we finished up with breakfast the Big Man took some photos and then Dez and I walked home with our babies.

Later on in the day the Big Man made me the best tasting blueberry pancakes I have ever tasting in my life. I do tend to exaggerate a bit (maybe a lot), but seriously these pancakes were ridiculously good!

We finished up the day with lots of Max cuddles and pizza with friends.


I hope those of you that were celebrating Mother's Day today had a lovely day too!


He's not the smartest puppy...

The Big Man and I just heard Cooper yelping like he was trapped somewhere. We came out to check that we hadn't accidentally shut him in a bedroom and found him on the dining room table.

Silly puppy was too scared to jump down!

He's lucky he's so cute :)


A Guilty Secret


Some nights all I want to do is lie in bed and snuggle with Max. But I don't want to wake him because he is sleeping so soundly, so I snuggle with my puppy instead.


A Play-Date with Baby Kate

The other weekend when we were up in Hervey Bay, Max got to have a play-date with Kate (Nat's Daughter}. We were really looking forward to seeing them play together, but after a weekend full of late nights and activities Max was exhausted and not really in the mood to play.

At first we put them down together on the mat, but every time Kate {who's five weeks older} reached out to touch Max he would start to cry. So sad!

After I fed Max and gave him some mummy hugs we gave it another shot and sat them on the couch for a photo shoot. The babies decided to behave this time and it would have been perfect, only none of the three cameras we had between us were charged. Aggh photog fail!

We improvised and snapped a few quick photos with the iphone, they're blurry but still better than nothing.

I think that Nat and I enjoyed ourselves more than our babies. Hopefully as they get older they start to like each others company a bit more!


All About Me

It's been quite a while since I started this blog, but I've never got around to writing an 'About Me' page. Seeing as there's no time like the present, here it is...

I'm happily married to the man of my dreams {the Big Man}, we got married in September 2008 on a perfect day in beautiful Hervey Bay.

A year and a half later I gave birth to our first son, Max. Max is the absolute love of my life {which you have probably already guessed based on the number of posts and photos featuring him!}.

Shortly before our wedding the Big Man and I built our first home. I say 'built', but really it's still a work in progress and probably still will be for the next couple of years. We have a lot to do before it will be finished and we're saving up a little bit at a time. In the meantime it's still very liveable, but by no means perfect.

The rest of our family is made up of our two adorable pets, Cooper and Ollie. Cooper was our first baby and will always have a very special place in my heart. We've been really fortunate with our pets, they're both very sweet natured and love each other as much as they love us.

As well as looking after Max I also work part-time at a job that I really love. As guilty as it makes me feel to say it out loud I often enjoy having a day off from looking after Max... The Big Man works from home and takes care of Max on the days that I work, so really it works out perfectly.

Besides being a Mum and working I have a few hobbies that I enjoy. I love making things {crafts, cards, invitations, cupcakes etc}, planning parties and catching up with my girlfriends. I have also recently taken up photography, I'm not very good yet, but it's something that I really love so hopefully I'll get better with practice.

I've been blogging for over two years now and I can't imagine not doing it. I'm guilty {like I'm sure many bloggers are} of writing blog posts in my head as my day unfolds and have been working hard at becoming a better blogger.

I have met so many lovely people through blogging and hope to meet many more.

Hopefully this wasn't to boring if you already know me and if you're new {or have never commented before} please say hi and let me know a little bit about yourself and leave me a link to your blog.

Happy blogging!


*Image credit - wedding photo is by Jodie from Litzow Photography

Happy Monday

This morning I'm participating in point + shoot over at Fat Mum Slim.

I spent the weekend doing what I love best, having lots of hugs and kisses with my baby boy, staying in my pyjamas for hours and hanging out with my husband. Bliss!

Head on over and see what everyone else has been doing this weekend...


Five Months

Dear Max,

Wow, this last month has been so much fun! All of a sudden you seem to be growing and learning so much quicker. It's like everything is happening all at once and I can barely keep up.

By far the cutest thing that you have learnt to do this month is laugh. At first you would only laugh for Daddy, which I completely understand, he makes me laugh all the time too! But a couple of days after Daddy had first told me about you laughing I was lying on the floor blowing raspberries on your belly and all of a sudden you started to giggle. It was so adorable that I started to laugh as well, which made you giggle even more. Did I mention how incredibly adorable it was?!

We think you may also have your first best friend... Not baby Kate or Ethan like we expected. It's Cooper. You look for him when he's not around, smile at him when he is and will spend ages patting him and pulling on his ears. At first it didn't really seem like Cooper wanted to be BFFs, but he's coming around. Now he will happily let you pat him and comes up to you for smooches all the time. Awww puppy love!

Playtime has recently got a lot more fun too. You can sit up for quite a while if we put you into a sitting position and can sometimes sit yourself up when you're leaning back on a pillow. You're really good at holding on to your toys and will reach out and grab them if we hold them out for you. While we play you chat away in your own special baby language. I try to get you to say Mama about a million times a day, but the closest you've managed is 'ah'. Close enough for 5 months I think :)

Your favourite games at the moment are row-row-row the boat, incy-wincy spider and of course your jungle bouncer. When we play incy-wincy you sometimes try and copy my hand movements and always smile when the 'sunshine dries up all the rain'. Probably because you're a summer baby yourself!

Last but not least you have also started to reach out for me when you want me to hold you... and how can I possibly refuse. You are the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest baby in the world.

As always I love you more than you can possibly imagine and will always do so.

Lots and lots and lots of love,

Mummy xx


Big Boy Cot

My tiny little baby boy is not so tiny anymore.

{Max two months ago}

I have been thinking about moving him over to his proper cot for a couple of weeks now. He is getting way to big for his bassinet {which is next to our bed} and he is getting to the point where he'll wake up when I come into the bedroom to get ready for bed.

{can't half tell he's been throwing a tantrum!}

The other day we decided to start letting him sleep in his cot during the day. We're going to see how it goes and if all is well we will start putting him in there at night as well.

Honestly he probably won't even care, but it's a big milestone for me and another sign that he's no longer a newborn...