My First Mother's Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous! My first Mother's Day and most definitely my best one {well so far anyway!}.

My day started off with the Big Man looking after Max's first feed so that I could have a sleep in. Considering sleeping is one of my all time favourite activities, it was the perfect start to the day.

I did get out of bed eventually and we headed down to the park for breakfast with friends of ours that were also celebrating their first Mother's Day.

It was a gorgeous day, a little bit cool and sunny. Just how I like it!

After we finished up with breakfast the Big Man took some photos and then Dez and I walked home with our babies.

Later on in the day the Big Man made me the best tasting blueberry pancakes I have ever tasting in my life. I do tend to exaggerate a bit (maybe a lot), but seriously these pancakes were ridiculously good!

We finished up the day with lots of Max cuddles and pizza with friends.


I hope those of you that were celebrating Mother's Day today had a lovely day too!



Anonymous said...

WOW! Congratulations on your first Mother's Day.
Sounds like a most wonderful day was had by all.
Lucky Mum you are.

BUSH BABE said...

Congrats - hope you enjoyed!!

Tamsyn said...

Thank you both xx

Missy Boo said...

Sounds like a perfect first Mother's Day. Just think on your 5th one you could be taking Max down the water slides... nope sorry that was how I spent mine ;)

Tamsyn said...

I can't wait!!