Five Months

Dear Max,

Wow, this last month has been so much fun! All of a sudden you seem to be growing and learning so much quicker. It's like everything is happening all at once and I can barely keep up.

By far the cutest thing that you have learnt to do this month is laugh. At first you would only laugh for Daddy, which I completely understand, he makes me laugh all the time too! But a couple of days after Daddy had first told me about you laughing I was lying on the floor blowing raspberries on your belly and all of a sudden you started to giggle. It was so adorable that I started to laugh as well, which made you giggle even more. Did I mention how incredibly adorable it was?!

We think you may also have your first best friend... Not baby Kate or Ethan like we expected. It's Cooper. You look for him when he's not around, smile at him when he is and will spend ages patting him and pulling on his ears. At first it didn't really seem like Cooper wanted to be BFFs, but he's coming around. Now he will happily let you pat him and comes up to you for smooches all the time. Awww puppy love!

Playtime has recently got a lot more fun too. You can sit up for quite a while if we put you into a sitting position and can sometimes sit yourself up when you're leaning back on a pillow. You're really good at holding on to your toys and will reach out and grab them if we hold them out for you. While we play you chat away in your own special baby language. I try to get you to say Mama about a million times a day, but the closest you've managed is 'ah'. Close enough for 5 months I think :)

Your favourite games at the moment are row-row-row the boat, incy-wincy spider and of course your jungle bouncer. When we play incy-wincy you sometimes try and copy my hand movements and always smile when the 'sunshine dries up all the rain'. Probably because you're a summer baby yourself!

Last but not least you have also started to reach out for me when you want me to hold you... and how can I possibly refuse. You are the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest baby in the world.

As always I love you more than you can possibly imagine and will always do so.

Lots and lots and lots of love,

Mummy xx



jeanie said...

Awww - gorgeous. Happy 5 month anniversary to both of you!

CatWay said...

Looking at your blog brings back lots of memories of when my now 18 m.o. was younger. I love how you are enjoying it all so much - some very exciting developments are coming soon.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Jeanie, Paris can't be too much further away either!

Sounds exciting Cat, so far I've thought that every month has been my favourite... I can only imagine what's next!

Lulu said...

Lovely letter to your little boy!!!

The laughing stories made me smile- I LOVE it when my little ones laughs and it makes me want to try and make him do it again.

Oh, I also liked your "about me" post above- nice to know a little more about you!

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Lulu! I know what you mean about the giggling, I think I must spend hours each day working out the different ways that I can get Max to laugh!