The Monster Eats

We've been feeding Max solids for almost a month now and he has been absolutely loving it.

These pictures are from the first night that we fed him solids. At first he was not at all impressed. It was like he couldn't understand why we were putting funny tasting stuff in his mouth.

Since then things have got much better though and there hasn't been a flavour combination that he hasn't liked. And we've tried lots. Chicken & sweet corn, pumpkin, potato and roast beef, apple custard, banana & mango, spinach, pea, apple and broccoli and heaps more. All good...

... Until we tried to feed him pasta bolognaise. It was a little bit chunky with tiny bits of pasta in it, so a very different texture to anything he'd eaten before, but considering Max is part Italian we thought he would love it. Apparently not. His reaction was so cute that we taped it on the iphone.

I tried feeding it to him again a couple of days later, but he still wasn't liking it. He'll eat broccoli, peas, apple and spinach but not pasta... go figure!

{Sorry for the dodgy camera skills, the Big Man is feeding Max and filming. He's sitting on the table because we still haven't got around to buying him a highchair!}


It's All About Work

One of the things that kicked off my mini-break from blogging was an opportunity that came up at work.

A promotion.

One that I knew I wanted, but wasn't sure that I was ready for.

Whilst I was on a five day weekend {one of the perks of being part-time} and out walking with a friend that I work with {Emma} she mentioned that she was being considered for a promotion, but that she also thought that the position was going to be advertised internally.

When I got back to work on the Tuesday I saw that the position had been advertised and that applications were due in by 5pm the next day. Like I said it was a position that I really wanted, but it had come up sooner than I had hoped. I wasn't sure that I was ready to take on extra hours and the added responsibility, and I wasn't sure that I had been back from maternity leave long enough to have proved myself.

I spoke with my supervisor about the role and she encouraged me to give it a shot. She was really positive about it, but also said that even if I didn't get the role this time I would at least have my name out there for next time. I was worried about how Emma would react considering that she had confided in me that she really wanted the job, but after finding out that our company was considering promoting two people I spoke with her and she also encouraged me to give it a go.

So I went home that night and put everything I had into writing the best possible application letter. Submitted it. And then found myself desperately hoping that they would take me seriously and give me an interview.

I week later I did have my interview. I felt confident afterwards that I had given it my best shot. Nervous, but optimistic.

It took a week before I got my answer. Which turned out to be the best possible answer. Both Emma and I were successful and we both got the promotion!

I am so excited! It isn't anything major, but it is a big step up for me and it is definitely one step closer to one of my career goals. Plus it comes with the added bonus that I am still able to work part-time. I'm very lucky to work for an amazing company that truly values work/life balance and I'm excited about what my future there holds.


I'm Alive....

.... and happy!

Sorry I have been missing in action, but at least it hasn't been because I've been sick or miserable. Quite the opposite. I have been having fun living life and trying to do too many things on any given day. The good news? Now that I'm back I have plenty to blog about!

I'm off to work now, but I'll be back later on with a proper post.