Eight Weeks Today

Yep, the Big Man and I are having a baby! We're very, very excited!

I found out about the baby at a little bit past 5 weeks. I'd already tested twice that month with negative results, so that Tuesday when I got a positive I was really surprised and really, really happy. Obviously I tried to call the Big Man straight away, but apparently he was too busy to speak to me and wouldn't answer his mobile. So after 15 calls and 2 'emergency, call me asap' text messages, he was kind of pee'd off with me when he did answer. It didn't help that, by that time I was crying my eyes out (with joy) and he couldn't understand a word I was saying. When he finally worked out that we were having a baby he stopped being grumpy and got really excited too!!

The next day I tested again and we went to see our doctor. She is the sweetest lady and she was almost as excited as we were. She helped us choose our hospital and gave us a referral for an obstetrician.

The Ob doesn't want to see us until 10 weeks, so now we wait...... Excitedly!

T xx

Random Bits and Pieces

It's been ages since I last blogged and so much has been going on. Rather than ramble on for hours, I am going to turn to trusty bullet points to get you all up to speed* :)

  • We decided to call our little cat 'Oliver'. He really is the sweetest little guy and has a very, very laid back personality. Nothing has really phased him yet, not the big angry cat across the road, not Little Miss Ava carrying him around for almost two days straight, not Cooper, not anything really :)
  • Cooper and Oliver are best friends already and sleep cuddled up with each other every night. I'm sure they would both rather sleep smooched up with me, but the Big Man wont let them in our room at night. He's a restless sleeper and Oliver loves pouncing on feet!
  • We have been slaving away in our garden and we've almost finished all of the landscaping in the front yard. Next we need to get stuck into the backyard. Sometimes I fantasize about hiring a landscaper and coming home one day to find everything finished...... but I don't think that I can justify it (especially since I really do love gardening).
  • We still haven't done much in the way of finishing the inside of our house, but we've given ourselves until Christmas to have everything done, so at least we have a deadline now.
  • I have given up my bartending job and am going to do some work for the Big Man's parents until I decide what I want to do next. I really loved working at the Pub and I made some great friends that I will keep for life, but I think I'm ready to move on to something new.
  • We have a few major things going on right now that I am not quite ready to talk about..... I will keep you posted as there should be some major changes coming this way soon!
  • Other than that not much is going on, I'm still spending way too much time poring over design blogs and dreaming about all of the things I will do to the house once my money tree has grown a bit more**
It feels good to be back!!

xx Tam

* This has nothing to do with the fact that I am too lazy to construct legible and interesting paragraphs.

** Ok, I don't actually have a money tree........ and if I did I probably wouldn't blog about it just incase you all work out where I live and climb my fence and steal my money tree.........