He is so a baby

Ok, ok I know that he really is just a puppy and not my child, but I don't think he knows that... The Big Man had a baby seat on the floor at work today and the Pooper decided that it would be the perfect place to have a nap!

Considering I had a very blah day, it was nice to see this photo when I got home :)

T xx

Brrr it's getting chilly

Oh my gosh, it has been so cold over the last few nights.... Very, very cold considering we live in Queensland.

I don't think that the Pooper is coping very well with the cold. It's his first winter and I don't think he knows what's happening :) I found him curled up on my bed the other morning, shaking like a leaf! I automatically assumed the worst and thought that he had a tick, or a stomach bug, or some other horrible disease. Seeing as he wasn't actually acting sick (except for the shaking) The Big Man made me go to work anyway, but he did also promise to take him straight to the vet if he started vomiting.....

Later that day The Big Man had the presence of mind to google it and it turns out that the little guy is just cold. Sooo cute!

This morning the Big Man was working from home again so before I left I wrapped the Pooper up in the blankets. I can't have my baby freezing, can I!?

T xx

I have an oven!!

Quick house update - my oven is in!

I can't wait to move in and start using it.... I have been dreaming about an oven that actually cooks things for the past year.

I'm heading off to my Mum's for a weekend of invitation making...

I hope you all have a good one!

T xx

Wedding Day Sickness


For quite a while the Big Man and I have thrown around the idea of trying to get pregnant in the lead up to the wedding. The plan was for me to still be in my first trimester so I that I don't have a baby belly and the point was so that we can have a baby as soon as possible after we are married :) It hasn't really worked out that way yet (trust me, I wouldn't be sitting here with a margarita if it had!) and maybe it is for a good reason.....

When I told my doctor about my plans she strongly suggested that I stop being so impatient and wait until after we are married. To which I very politely told her that she was being old fashioned. She explained that her suggestion wasn't based upon her morals but rather that she wanted me to enjoy my wedding day without having to worry about morning sickness. I pretty much put her comments aside though and we carried on with our plan.

My sister also took it upon herself to remind me of how ridiculously sick she was in her first (and second and third) trimester. I (again) ever so politely told her that just because she had morning sickness doesn't mean that I will.....

Then the other day I read Fern's post over at Not Nigella and she was talking about how sick she was on her wedding day. She was 9 weeks pregnant and spent most of the day struggling to breath (thanks to her expanding bust) and running off to be sick every couple of hours.

I think I might be starting to get the message...... wedding day + pregnancy = a day that is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. I always have been the kind of person that had to hear it 3 or more times before I listen!

(I'm sorry I didn't listen to you in the first place J!)

I'd love to hear your experiences too - especially if you didn't have morning sickness :)

T xx

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamiecampbell/1334528818/

Getting Excited About My Wedding

The past few days I have been doing some things to prepare for my upcoming wedding, and I have actually been enjoying myself! In fact I think I am starting to get excited about the fact that I am getting married in 8 weeks :) (about time really!).

Yesterday I picked up all the supplies that I need in order to make my invitations. I was worried, that because I have left it until the last minute it would be difficult to find everything that I need, but I only ended up having to go to 3 stores. The only thing I am short on is envelopes so it looks like my close family and and a few friends will be lucky enough to receive hand delivered invites :).

So, this weekend the Pooper and I are heading down to my Mum's house for a serious invitation making session. I think we should be able to make them all in one weekend, if not though BFF and I will be able to get them finished early next week. I will post photos of them, but I am going to wait until everyone has received them in the mail first. I don't want to ruin the surprise! I know a couple of my friends and family members lurk around here from time to time. (Feel free to comment anytime guys so I know that you have visited!!)

Today I went on a mini shopping spree to start getting some of the essentials for the wedding day as well, and I am very proud to say that I scored a major bargain at Myers. I found the perfect pair of shoes (which was relatively easy considering I wasn't that fussed about them, since they are going to spend the entire day covered by my dress) for only $51!! This is a big deal for me seeing as I am probably one of the most hopeless bargain shoppers in the world :). I think they must have been last years stock as they had been marked down from $110. The best thing is that they are also really comfy! I get no sympathy from the Big Man if I complain about sore feet, he normally just tells me that I should have worn flat shoes. Just shows he still doesn't 'get' me...... Whilst I was at Westfield I also picked up the lingerie that will go under my dress and the sweetest little bracelet to wear on the day.

The reason for my shopping trip today was because (drum roll please)..... I had my first dress fitting today! I was so nervous, mainly because I am not very happy with my body right now. But I think I may have learn't a universal truth today.... No matter what you look like, you will always look like a princess in your wedding dress. The minute I had the dress on today (not my dress, but a very similar one) I stopped hating my reflection. Honestly it was a really nice feeling, as well as a big relief. The funny thing was that when my Mum helped me pick my dream dress I was 15 kilos lighter, but it is still the perfect dress for me. I guess Mum's do sometimes know best!

I guess that is enough wedding babble from me.... I wonder if something kicks in about this time for all brides that makes you feel ridiculously happy? Could just be the Lexapro, but I prefer to think that it is pre-marital bliss!

'till next time,

T xx

Building Update!

The Big Man and I met up with our building supervisor on Monday and surprise, surprise our hand over date has been pushed out to the middle of August. Still, I am so happy with how much is happening at the moment that I am too excited to care!! I have included some recent photos of the progress.......



Kitchen in Progress

Down the Hall to the Front Door



Messy, Messy, Messy

The Almost Finished Kitchen

Sooooo ridiculously excited....

T xx

I am the Queen of Weight Gain


Have you been scouring the internet, looking for the perfect way to gain an excessive amount of weight? Well search no more.... I have all the answers you need!

Seriously though, the other night I was out to dinner with The Big Man and BFF (the night before we started our diet) and I calculated that I have put on 16 kilos in the last 6 months. A very scary realisation for me.

The past 6 months has been full of turmoil and I spent the best part of it in denial about the fact that I am suffering from depression and anxiety. The main reason that I wouldn't see the doctor about it was that I didn't want to admit failure. The second biggest reason was that I felt so guilty about the way I was feeling, when I have so many good and exciting things happening in my life right now.

A major side-effect of my emotional roller coaster was that I started a crazy cycle of comfort eating and drinking, which would lead to me getting angry at myself, which would send me straight back to the fridge.

Now that I have (finally) been honest with my doctor I am on the mend mentally and I feel like I am now in a great position to get myself back in to shape. Hence the diet.

I know it is not going to be easy, but this morning when I was craving a bacon and egg mcmuffin (just typing that is making my mouth water) I worked out that if I keep up my weight gain I will break the hundred kilo barrier by Christmas this year. Right now that is definitely enough motivation for me to stay away from McDonalds!

Wish me luck!

T xx

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mandj98/295343848/

Diet is such a dirty word


I really don't like diets and I don't think they like me very much either.... Every time I even think about going on a diet I panic and order a pizza or get drive through McDonalds.... It is a vicious cycle that causes me to put on more weight every time I think about dieting (and yes before you ask I am aware that I have food issues, I am working on them :) ). Because I know that I freak out whenever I go on a diet I try to just eat healthy and exercise instead of "dieting", but lately this hasn't been working very well for me either :(

So, I am giving dieting one last shot.... Someone close to me is on the Optifast diet and has lost 8kg in the last four weeks. Sounds good to me! Although, she does have a lot more willpower than me....

The Big Man and my BFF are taking part in the diet too and we are going to start tomorrow. That way we can avoid the whole 'I will start on Monday' trap.

My immediate plan is to diet through to the wedding (which is in 9 weeks) and then take it up again after the honeymoon. We are all going to make sure that we get at least half an hour of exercise 5 days a week as well.

I would love to hear any success stories that you have or tips that we can use to stay motivated!

T xx

Aussie Bloggers Forum


Aussie Bloggers Forum is officially my favourite online hangout right now. Admittedly it's also the only place I hang out online, but that doesn't make it any less special :)

Being that I am quite new to blogging, it is the first forum that I have ever joined. My experience of online communities had previously only extended to Facebook and a slightly bizarre College Humor clip that The Big Man made me watch (I think he lives in hope that I will start to understand web humor).....

I was very surprised to find out not only how easy it is to get involved, but also how much fun it is. It does help that everyone is really nice and really helpful! I have done a little bit of posting and a lot of lurking and everyone I have encountered seems to have an inbuilt desire to help others. Lovely!!

If you are an Aussie blogger I highly recommend you mosey on over and have a look around! Just click the picture at the top of this post!!

T xx

Goal - Total Organisation

3 weeks and counting until we move into our new house! That is, if you believe the builders, and I don't....... Don't get me wrong, I want to believe in them, but their past promises are working against them. None the less I have decided that it is high time to get organised.

Between The Big man, The Pooper and myself, we have managed to accumulate an awful lot of stuff. Stuff that we really don't need. So my goal this weekend is to start sorting out our stuff into three categories.

Category 1 - Things that we need, use and love (and the things that have true sentimental value).
Self explanatory really....

Category 2 - Items that can be sold on e-bay or at a garage sale.
I am going to start listing anything that is suitable (eg. spare dvd player, old tv) on to e-bay as soon as I can so that we don't have to lug too much to the new house. Everything else will hopefully sell at the garage sale we are having in two weekends time.

Category 3 - Items that can be donated to charity or thrown out.
Everything that doesn't sell on ebay or at the garage sale is going to be donated to charity and everything else (the rather large stash of broken things that we have hung on to) will be recycled or thrown away.

Now, because I am a class A hoarder and am quite new to this I have a fourth category as well.....

Category 4 - Things that I never use, but can't bring myself to throw out....
I am going to give myself one year to start using these items before I must give them away. That way I will have a bit of time to decide if I need them as much as I think I do (ie. spare set of hair straighteners, bread maker, old laptop that takes 5minutes to load a page).

I'm feeling more organised already!!

Please let me know if you have any great organising tips that I can put to good use :)

T xx

Wedding Stress

Picture from BrideInsight

In 10 and a half weeks time The Big Man and I are getting married. I'm not as excited about it as I feel like I should be and I still can't make my mind up about all the (so called) important things.

Since we were first engaged we have toyed with the idea of eloping and the closer we get to the day the more I want to do it. I have written out the benefits of each option, but I am still no closer to knowing what to do...

Benefits of a Big Wedding

1. I will get to dress up as a bride and have everyone say how beautiful I look (even if they don't mean it, hehe)

2. All of our family and friends will be able to share in our special day

3. No one will feel like they have been left out

4. We will be able to enjoy all of the trimmings that come with a traditional wedding, a bridal party, big cake, speeches, a first dance etc etc

5. I wont have to call all of my vendors and tell them that we are cancelling.

6. I will feel like I have achieved something (silly, but true)

Benefits of Eloping

1. We will save a big fat stack of money

2. I won't have to worry about planning, stressing or fussing over the details

I would love to hear your thoughts or stories from when you got married... I am going to have to make a final decision very soon... Thanks :)

T xx

Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Well, not quite. In fact not even close really, four of my friends flew to Thailand on Sunday and it has left me more than a little bit jealous. Over there it will be so warm and so relaxing and so far away from work... Lucky them!

I decided to give my blog a small make-over to try and make myself feel less left out. The photo up the top is one that Sean took when we were on Hayman several years ago (got to love industry freebies) and I thought it was quite fitting seeing as I am dreaming about a sunny, tropical escape.

I am getting away for a mini-escape this weekend, my BFF and I are heading up to Hervey Bay to visit my sister J and Little Miss Ava. I'm hoping for a perfect weekend of cocktails, crafting and lots of catching up.

Have a great weekend everyone!!'

T xx

Ouch - Domain Pain

My (not so) Perfect Life, Domain Pain Just in case you had been wondering, buying a great weight loss or health and fitness domain name is practically impossible.... and it's about as much fun as repeatedly smacking your head against a brick wall :(

I always thought my first weight loss hurdle would be the Krispy Kreme store or the McDonald's down the road, turns out I was wrong! I guess I don't actually need a website to get started, but that was my plan. I am going to use it to track my results as well as the progress of The Big Man and my BFF. Between BFF and I we have 7 years experience in weight loss and fitness - we just haven't been so good at looking after ourselves since we got out of the industry - so hopefully we can not only whip ourselves into shape, but also motivate some people along the way :)

As soon as I finish work for the afternoon I am going to make some final decisions and buy myself a new domain. Probably won't be fitness.com though (ha, wasn't I dreaming!!).

T xx