Ouch - Domain Pain

My (not so) Perfect Life, Domain Pain Just in case you had been wondering, buying a great weight loss or health and fitness domain name is practically impossible.... and it's about as much fun as repeatedly smacking your head against a brick wall :(

I always thought my first weight loss hurdle would be the Krispy Kreme store or the McDonald's down the road, turns out I was wrong! I guess I don't actually need a website to get started, but that was my plan. I am going to use it to track my results as well as the progress of The Big Man and my BFF. Between BFF and I we have 7 years experience in weight loss and fitness - we just haven't been so good at looking after ourselves since we got out of the industry - so hopefully we can not only whip ourselves into shape, but also motivate some people along the way :)

As soon as I finish work for the afternoon I am going to make some final decisions and buy myself a new domain. Probably won't be fitness.com though (ha, wasn't I dreaming!!).

T xx


HWPP said...

Did you not hear about all the new domains? Just wait until someone pays the hundred odd thousand for .fitness and then buy a domain off them! problem solvered :o)

Tamsyn said...

Done deal if they will sell it to me for $9.99!