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Aussie Bloggers Forum is officially my favourite online hangout right now. Admittedly it's also the only place I hang out online, but that doesn't make it any less special :)

Being that I am quite new to blogging, it is the first forum that I have ever joined. My experience of online communities had previously only extended to Facebook and a slightly bizarre College Humor clip that The Big Man made me watch (I think he lives in hope that I will start to understand web humor).....

I was very surprised to find out not only how easy it is to get involved, but also how much fun it is. It does help that everyone is really nice and really helpful! I have done a little bit of posting and a lot of lurking and everyone I have encountered seems to have an inbuilt desire to help others. Lovely!!

If you are an Aussie blogger I highly recommend you mosey on over and have a look around! Just click the picture at the top of this post!!

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