Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Well, not quite. In fact not even close really, four of my friends flew to Thailand on Sunday and it has left me more than a little bit jealous. Over there it will be so warm and so relaxing and so far away from work... Lucky them!

I decided to give my blog a small make-over to try and make myself feel less left out. The photo up the top is one that Sean took when we were on Hayman several years ago (got to love industry freebies) and I thought it was quite fitting seeing as I am dreaming about a sunny, tropical escape.

I am getting away for a mini-escape this weekend, my BFF and I are heading up to Hervey Bay to visit my sister J and Little Miss Ava. I'm hoping for a perfect weekend of cocktails, crafting and lots of catching up.

Have a great weekend everyone!!'

T xx


HWPP said...

Thanks for coming to visit. Ava is still raving about it!

Tamsyn said...

Thanks J, you are a great hostess and I had a lovely time xx