Getting Excited About My Wedding

The past few days I have been doing some things to prepare for my upcoming wedding, and I have actually been enjoying myself! In fact I think I am starting to get excited about the fact that I am getting married in 8 weeks :) (about time really!).

Yesterday I picked up all the supplies that I need in order to make my invitations. I was worried, that because I have left it until the last minute it would be difficult to find everything that I need, but I only ended up having to go to 3 stores. The only thing I am short on is envelopes so it looks like my close family and and a few friends will be lucky enough to receive hand delivered invites :).

So, this weekend the Pooper and I are heading down to my Mum's house for a serious invitation making session. I think we should be able to make them all in one weekend, if not though BFF and I will be able to get them finished early next week. I will post photos of them, but I am going to wait until everyone has received them in the mail first. I don't want to ruin the surprise! I know a couple of my friends and family members lurk around here from time to time. (Feel free to comment anytime guys so I know that you have visited!!)

Today I went on a mini shopping spree to start getting some of the essentials for the wedding day as well, and I am very proud to say that I scored a major bargain at Myers. I found the perfect pair of shoes (which was relatively easy considering I wasn't that fussed about them, since they are going to spend the entire day covered by my dress) for only $51!! This is a big deal for me seeing as I am probably one of the most hopeless bargain shoppers in the world :). I think they must have been last years stock as they had been marked down from $110. The best thing is that they are also really comfy! I get no sympathy from the Big Man if I complain about sore feet, he normally just tells me that I should have worn flat shoes. Just shows he still doesn't 'get' me...... Whilst I was at Westfield I also picked up the lingerie that will go under my dress and the sweetest little bracelet to wear on the day.

The reason for my shopping trip today was because (drum roll please)..... I had my first dress fitting today! I was so nervous, mainly because I am not very happy with my body right now. But I think I may have learn't a universal truth today.... No matter what you look like, you will always look like a princess in your wedding dress. The minute I had the dress on today (not my dress, but a very similar one) I stopped hating my reflection. Honestly it was a really nice feeling, as well as a big relief. The funny thing was that when my Mum helped me pick my dream dress I was 15 kilos lighter, but it is still the perfect dress for me. I guess Mum's do sometimes know best!

I guess that is enough wedding babble from me.... I wonder if something kicks in about this time for all brides that makes you feel ridiculously happy? Could just be the Lexapro, but I prefer to think that it is pre-marital bliss!

'till next time,

T xx


Lightening said...

It all sounds very exciting!!! :) I'm glad you're feeling good and able to enjoy it.

jeanie said...

Ticking things off the list - that is a big move! Good luck.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Girls! I does feel good to be able to tick things off my list, that's for sure :)

I am really appreciating the fact that I have started to enjoy the wedding preparations. For such a long time I felt like nothing could make me happy. It is refreshing to feel good again :D