Diet is such a dirty word


I really don't like diets and I don't think they like me very much either.... Every time I even think about going on a diet I panic and order a pizza or get drive through McDonalds.... It is a vicious cycle that causes me to put on more weight every time I think about dieting (and yes before you ask I am aware that I have food issues, I am working on them :) ). Because I know that I freak out whenever I go on a diet I try to just eat healthy and exercise instead of "dieting", but lately this hasn't been working very well for me either :(

So, I am giving dieting one last shot.... Someone close to me is on the Optifast diet and has lost 8kg in the last four weeks. Sounds good to me! Although, she does have a lot more willpower than me....

The Big Man and my BFF are taking part in the diet too and we are going to start tomorrow. That way we can avoid the whole 'I will start on Monday' trap.

My immediate plan is to diet through to the wedding (which is in 9 weeks) and then take it up again after the honeymoon. We are all going to make sure that we get at least half an hour of exercise 5 days a week as well.

I would love to hear any success stories that you have or tips that we can use to stay motivated!

T xx


Lightening said...

Good luck with it. I'm not a big fan of diets either for the same reasons.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Lightening! One day in and I am doing ok..... now I just need to make it through the next 9 weeks :)