Brrr it's getting chilly

Oh my gosh, it has been so cold over the last few nights.... Very, very cold considering we live in Queensland.

I don't think that the Pooper is coping very well with the cold. It's his first winter and I don't think he knows what's happening :) I found him curled up on my bed the other morning, shaking like a leaf! I automatically assumed the worst and thought that he had a tick, or a stomach bug, or some other horrible disease. Seeing as he wasn't actually acting sick (except for the shaking) The Big Man made me go to work anyway, but he did also promise to take him straight to the vet if he started vomiting.....

Later that day The Big Man had the presence of mind to google it and it turns out that the little guy is just cold. Sooo cute!

This morning the Big Man was working from home again so before I left I wrapped the Pooper up in the blankets. I can't have my baby freezing, can I!?

T xx


Orhan Kahn said...

You call your dog Pooper?

HWPP said...

Repeat after me....
"My Dog is not a baby"
"My Dog is not a baby"


Tamsyn said...

Hi Orhan, his name isn't actually Pooper, it's just his nickname... When I started my blog he was just a new puppy and he was having trouble grasping the finer points of toilet training, ie. the part where you go outside..... He has the hang of it now, but the name has stuck :)

....and hwwp you are the meanest girl in the world :( but you're right (as per usual)!