Goal - Total Organisation

3 weeks and counting until we move into our new house! That is, if you believe the builders, and I don't....... Don't get me wrong, I want to believe in them, but their past promises are working against them. None the less I have decided that it is high time to get organised.

Between The Big man, The Pooper and myself, we have managed to accumulate an awful lot of stuff. Stuff that we really don't need. So my goal this weekend is to start sorting out our stuff into three categories.

Category 1 - Things that we need, use and love (and the things that have true sentimental value).
Self explanatory really....

Category 2 - Items that can be sold on e-bay or at a garage sale.
I am going to start listing anything that is suitable (eg. spare dvd player, old tv) on to e-bay as soon as I can so that we don't have to lug too much to the new house. Everything else will hopefully sell at the garage sale we are having in two weekends time.

Category 3 - Items that can be donated to charity or thrown out.
Everything that doesn't sell on ebay or at the garage sale is going to be donated to charity and everything else (the rather large stash of broken things that we have hung on to) will be recycled or thrown away.

Now, because I am a class A hoarder and am quite new to this I have a fourth category as well.....

Category 4 - Things that I never use, but can't bring myself to throw out....
I am going to give myself one year to start using these items before I must give them away. That way I will have a bit of time to decide if I need them as much as I think I do (ie. spare set of hair straighteners, bread maker, old laptop that takes 5minutes to load a page).

I'm feeling more organised already!!

Please let me know if you have any great organising tips that I can put to good use :)

T xx


HWPP said...

Does this mean you found the breadmaker? I'm sure we can put it to good use at Christmas time! :o)

Tamsyn said...

Ok J, I will hang on to it until Christmas and then see if we can put it to good use :)

HWPP said...

I'm craving bread

fern said...

Heh, let me know how you go, I always start these kinds of things with the best of intentions, only for it all to go horribly wrong a week in!

Tamsyn said...

That's generally what happens with me too :) I am going to try harder this time though, I will keep you posted!!