38 Weeks (aka 2 days to go)

Wow 38 weeks. I remember so clearly being 8 weeks along and thinking that my third trimester was forever away, now it is not only here, but also almost finished!

It's strange, but I feel like it is all happening too quickly, whilst at the same time I feel like I have been pregnant forever. I've been really emotional today and keep crying at the silliest things. But I think it's mostly just because I'm really nervous and excited (if you know what I mean). For example I cried today when I realised that I wouldn't see Cooper for four days and then I cried again when the baby kicked and I realised that he wouldn't be kicking me for much longer. Silly huh.

I am still getting lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and I have been a bit nauseas in the mornings, but no serious signs of labour. I've still been holding out hope that I might go into labour before the scheduled caesarian, somehow I don't think it will happen though.

The Big Man has started touching up the photos he took at the park yesterday and they are looking really good. I'm glad we took them because I have really fallen in love with my baby bump! Cooper kept trying to get into the photos, so whilst I was over at the car the Big Man did a little mini photo shoot with him too. He is such a poser!

Hopefully I will get a chance to post again tomorrow. If not, I'll see you all on the flipside.

T xx

Only Three Days to Go

After my stress out the other day that I am not getting enough done before the baby arrives, I am now in a completely different frame of mind.

These last three days are going to be filled with relaxation, fun and well, whatever I want really. My turn-around is thanks to two things... 1. A comment that Jeanie made on my last post saying that there is no reason why napping and relaxing shouldn't be at the top of my list. and 2. Fern's post about the five things she should have done more of before having children.

Now, I am known for changing my tack on a very regular basis. But I think I have good reason this time. Both Jeanie and Fern have kids and are both expecting as well. I figure if anyone can give good advice on how best to spend my last couple of child free days it is these two lovely ladies.

The Big Man and I have spent most of the day on the couch, him playing on the xbox and me just mooching around reading blogs and watching him play. He was even nice enough to challenge me to a few games of bomberman so that I wasn't too left out!

We did get up off the couch once or twice though....

Early this morning we went down to the park so that the Big Man could take some pregnancy photos for me. I was wearing a full face of make-up (which was melting off my face at a very rapid rate) and was all hot and bothered, so I was kind of being a bit of a cranky cow. The Big Man did get some nice photos, but there are also plenty of me midway through saying something nasty or scowling at the camera. Not a good look! I will post a couple of them soon, but the Big Man says that he needs to do some 'post production' work on them first. I hope that means that I am going to look like Demi Moore once he is done ;).

We also installed a pet door for Cooper and Ollie. We made a big fuss of Cooper each time he used the door so that he would want to use it all the time. We might have over done it though, because he then proceeded to jump in and out through the door 12 times, looking very proud of himself every time! Ollie might take a little longer to get used to the door, showering a cat with praise doesn't seem to have any effect what-so-ever. He just walked away...

Anyway I am back on the couch. Not doing much, just waiting for my home-made icy poles to freeze so that I can try and cool down.

T xx

So Much To Do, So Little Time

When I wake up tomorrow morning I will have four days left before the baby is due to be born. Yikes! Four Days! I had a feeling that this last week was going to go quickly, and it is, it's absolutely flying.

You would think that seeing as there is such a short amount of time left before I become a Mum that I would be smashing through numerous things on my pre-baby to do list each day...

Definitely not the case.

I was. But in the last couple of days I haven't done much except for catching up with friends, napping and watching the cricket from the comfort of the couch.

I did make time today to have a pedicure. Not exactly at the top if my list, but still really important. It has been a few weeks since I could comfortably reach my toes, so they were starting to look really bad.

Now I have huge, puffy feet, with gorgeous summery toenails! Better than just huge, puffy feet, right?

Now, I'm off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I will tick at least five things off my list.

T xx

Who's That Dog?

Cooper had a much needed and very overdue haircut today. It has been so hot, and he is so furry. I'm hoping that he will have a bit more energy now that he doesn't have a big thick wooly coat.

Here's a before shot...

When I got him home today, the Cat had a major freakout! It must be because he looks so different and also smells different. The Cat (who doesn't back away from a fight) puffed up his little tail and tried to swipe Coop on the nose. Too cute!

After shots....

T xx

Sand Monster

The other weekend I had some of my family staying with me. One afternoon my Mum, my Sister and I decided to take the dogs and my niece down to the park. There are heaps of parks around my place, but we decided to go to one about a kilometre away so that the dogs could have a decent walk and so that Ava could practice riding her bike.

It was slow going at first, it took Ava a while to get into the swing of things. Mum walked ahead with the dogs and Jen and I helped Ava. Once we got on the downhill stretch (and taught her how to brake rather than fling herself off the bike everytime it got to fast!) it was all good.

Once we got to the park we let Ava and the dogs play for a good half an hour. They had a ball!

It's got me really looking forward to the time when I can take Coop and the little guy down to the park to play :)

T xx

Christmas Cards and Christmas Dinner

I have been trying to keep all of my Christmas excitement contained inside until at least the first of December, but I am failing like crazy. Christmas is hands down my favourite time of the year!

I decided to channel my Christmas energy into getting all of my Christmas cards made and after 3 days I am done. I decided to do something a little bit different this year and not spend any money on them... Every year I go crazy at the craft store buying new papers, different coloured card, ribbons, embellishments etc. What this means is that I have a huge stockpile of Christmas goodies. So this year I made all of my cards using the bits and pieces I have left over from previous years. I missed the fun of buying new stuff, but all in all I am really happy with how the cards turned out.

No photos yet though, you will have to wait until I have posted them all out :) In the meantime here's the link to last years cards.

In other Christmas news my sister Jen sent me though this year's Christmas menu and it sounds divine. Christmas is at my house this year, but seeing as I will be trying to get the hang of being a parent and squeezing in as much sleep as I can, Jen has offered to take care of the cooking. This year will be the first Christmas that the Big Man has not spent at his parent's house, so I was a bit worried about how he would cope without his usual Christmas lunch. But I read out the menu to him and he seems to love it too!

Now if just have to see if I can hold off on the decorating for another week!

T xx

One Week and Five Days

Yep, we've bitten the bullet and decided to go ahead and book in for the Caesar. It was probably the hardest decision I have had to make in a very long time, but now that it's made I am ok with it.

I'm focusing on all of the positives:
  • We now know exactly when we get to meet our little baby
  • I don't have to risk an emergency caesar
  • Having him two weeks early may mean that he will still be small enough to fit into all of the triple zeros that I have
  • Very soon we are going to be parents!
Although I am very aware the first point isn't guaranteed. I spent two hours awake in the middle of last night with the strongest braxton hicks contractions that I have felt yet. They got so uncomfortable that I ended up getting out of bed and distracting myself with housework. After about half an hour of walking around they started to subside and I went back to bed. The contractions are back again this morning, but just the regular light ones that I get on a daily basis. Made me realise though that I shouldn't count on having one week and 5 days left! I am going to spend the rest of today tying up all of the last minute things that I need to do, just in case.

T xx

Too Early for Christmas?

Every year I decorate the house for Christmas on the first weekend in December. This year I am itching to get started much, much sooner. It might be because I am experiencing some seriously crazy nesting, it might be because I am anxious to have everything ready before the baby is born or it might be because my sister has lent me a huge box of Christmas decorations. I'm not sure. All I know is that it is taking a lot of willpower not to start setting up the tree!

When do you normally start decorating for Christmas?

T xx

Image from Martha Stewart via Blueprint Bliss


The Big Man and I are still undecided about whether I am going to have an elective c-section or not. By the end of each day I have one hundred percent made my mind up, and then I wake up the next day completely undecided all over again.

I think the problem is that the Ob has given us a choice. If he just told us one way or the other what we had to do, we would just do it. Giving birth for the first time is a major, major milestone though and neither of us wants to make the 'wrong' choice.

We are going to sit down tonight and write out a pro's and con's list and see if that helps us make up our mind. Otherwise we may end up flipping a coin on Wednesday afternoon at our appointment (jokes.... kind of).

In other news, we've finished painting the nursery and have stuck up the wall decal. I also bought all of the baby's linen today and bought myself a nappy bag. All we need to do now is instal the car seat and get some furniture from Ikea and we will be ready to go!

T xx

Things Don't Always Go To Plan

I had a regular appointment with my Obstetrician today and it seems like there is going to be a change to my baby plans. The baby is measuring quite big and the Ob has some concerns with that in regards to the shape of my pelvis. He has suggested that we book in for a c-section...

Whilst this is definitely not how I had planned for things to go. The Big Man and I have had a big chat and we agree that how I give birth is nowhere near as important as the fact that we will soon have our very own baby.

I have had my heart set on a vaginal birth right throughout the pregnancy and was even going to take a wait and see approach when it came to pain relief (the size of the epidural needle may have had a bit to do with this decision!). But at the end of the day I trust my doctor and want to do what is best for the baby and what is best for me.

The Ob has given us until our next appointment on Wednesday to make our final decision and if we decide to go ahead with the caesar I will be having the baby on the 2nd of December.

I think that we have already made our decision, but I do like that I have up until next Wednesday to change my mind....

T xx

Baby Shower

On the weekend I had my baby shower. My Mum and my Sister (with a little help from me - because I can't resist the urge to control things) did the most amazing job, everything was perfect and I had a great day.

The theme we put together was based around owls and used blue, brown and orange. It is the theme that I am putting together for the baby's nursery and I hope to use some of the bits and pieces from the baby shower in his room.

I decided on the theme when I first made the invitations and everything else followed on from here.

I forgot to get a photo of the savory food, but it was amazing too. We had mini sandwiches, sushi, prawn and smoked salmon canapes, antipasto and some other mini foods (lots of food I couldn't eat, but I didn't want others to miss out on all of my favourite things!). The desert was the highlight for me, Jen made owl cupcakes, swirly cupcakes, rocky road, chocolate fudge and a fruit platter.

We had a wishing tree for the guest to write a wish for Baby Riley.

For the games we played 'how big is my belly', 'the price is right' and 'project runway'. Project runway was definitely my favourite. Each team was given several roles of toilet paper and had to design the perfect maternity outfit, with one of the team members being the expectant Mum. The results were hilarious and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun!

Jen and Mum also made cookie lollypops and these were handed out as prizes for the games.

Instead of making up favours for people to take home we set up a lolly buffet and asked each guest to fill up there own box to take home with them. This was my nieces favourite part of the baby shower, she loved helping everyone fill the containers!

As usual I managed to over do it with the food and drinks. Luckily after the shower when the men got back they managed to polish off almost all of the savoury food, so it didn't go to waste :) We do have quite a lot of champagne left over, but I have packed it all away so that I can indulge in a glass at Christmas time, after the baby is born of course!

I was absolutely spoilt rotten with presents too and have spent the last couple of days washing baby clothes and blankets, organising all of my baby supplies and getting ready to finish decorating the nursery. I was also lucky enough to get some presents that were just for me, which makes me feel even more pampered!

T xx

I LOVE presents

I've noticed that I don't talk much about work here at My (not so) Perfect Life. I'm not really sure why that is, maybe because I don't want to bore people or cross any lines... I'm not sure.

Anyway, I do have a job and I absolutely love it. I work in sales within a large company, it's a really competitive job, but also a really rewarding one. The company that I work for works really hard to make our work place fun and team spirit amongst the sales teams is really high. The team I work in is made up of some really amazing and kind people. I haven't been the most reliable employee over the last couple of months, with health dramas (an update on these down the track, I promise), labour scares and general pregnancy exhaustion.... but the team keeps on boosting me up, covering for me when they need to and generally being really supportive.

Last week at our monthly meeting/team bonding session they took things one step further in the awesome stakes and presented me with a basket overflowing with baby things. How nice are these people!? I was so overwhelmed and only just managed to hold back the tears (pregnancy hormones!).

The basket included all sorts of baby goodies, singlets, onesies, wipes, toys, baby blankets, beanies, face washers, bathtime essentials, socks and more! Seriously the best team in the world! It was so thoughtful of them and they managed to pull it off as a surprise, I had no idea that they were organising anything. Although that probably says more about how self absorbed I am!

In general my work has been really good as well. They have agreed to let me have 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave even though I am not technically eligible for it and am still within my six months probation. They have also let me cut my hours back to part-time for the last four weeks before I go on leave.

I do realise how lucky I am to have this kind of support in the workplace. Once I have had this baby and am ready to go back to work, I plan to do them proud!

T xx


For the first year ever we celebrated Halloween. We didn't really do much, but I did dress up my belly for work and we also had treats on hand for the trick or treaters.

My sister and I were planning on taking my niece trick or treating, but she got sick so we didn't go. Which did mean that I got to stay home and answer the door for the trick or treaters... Which I loved! They all looked so cute in their little costumes and they were all so incredibly well behaved. I had a huge bowl of chocolates and most of the kids only took one each. I would have definitely been taking handfuls myself!

I forgot to take a photo of the bowl before, but we still had some chocolate left afterwards so I took a photo anyway :)

Happy Halloween!

T xx