Baby Shower

On the weekend I had my baby shower. My Mum and my Sister (with a little help from me - because I can't resist the urge to control things) did the most amazing job, everything was perfect and I had a great day.

The theme we put together was based around owls and used blue, brown and orange. It is the theme that I am putting together for the baby's nursery and I hope to use some of the bits and pieces from the baby shower in his room.

I decided on the theme when I first made the invitations and everything else followed on from here.

I forgot to get a photo of the savory food, but it was amazing too. We had mini sandwiches, sushi, prawn and smoked salmon canapes, antipasto and some other mini foods (lots of food I couldn't eat, but I didn't want others to miss out on all of my favourite things!). The desert was the highlight for me, Jen made owl cupcakes, swirly cupcakes, rocky road, chocolate fudge and a fruit platter.

We had a wishing tree for the guest to write a wish for Baby Riley.

For the games we played 'how big is my belly', 'the price is right' and 'project runway'. Project runway was definitely my favourite. Each team was given several roles of toilet paper and had to design the perfect maternity outfit, with one of the team members being the expectant Mum. The results were hilarious and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun!

Jen and Mum also made cookie lollypops and these were handed out as prizes for the games.

Instead of making up favours for people to take home we set up a lolly buffet and asked each guest to fill up there own box to take home with them. This was my nieces favourite part of the baby shower, she loved helping everyone fill the containers!

As usual I managed to over do it with the food and drinks. Luckily after the shower when the men got back they managed to polish off almost all of the savoury food, so it didn't go to waste :) We do have quite a lot of champagne left over, but I have packed it all away so that I can indulge in a glass at Christmas time, after the baby is born of course!

I was absolutely spoilt rotten with presents too and have spent the last couple of days washing baby clothes and blankets, organising all of my baby supplies and getting ready to finish decorating the nursery. I was also lucky enough to get some presents that were just for me, which makes me feel even more pampered!

T xx


jeanie said...

Sounds like a really fantastic day!!

Where are the pics of maternity outfits?

Tamsyn said...

They're not great photos - mainly because they show off my still bare concrete floors! I might post them on the weekend though, I'll have another look and weigh up how bad my house looks :)