I LOVE presents

I've noticed that I don't talk much about work here at My (not so) Perfect Life. I'm not really sure why that is, maybe because I don't want to bore people or cross any lines... I'm not sure.

Anyway, I do have a job and I absolutely love it. I work in sales within a large company, it's a really competitive job, but also a really rewarding one. The company that I work for works really hard to make our work place fun and team spirit amongst the sales teams is really high. The team I work in is made up of some really amazing and kind people. I haven't been the most reliable employee over the last couple of months, with health dramas (an update on these down the track, I promise), labour scares and general pregnancy exhaustion.... but the team keeps on boosting me up, covering for me when they need to and generally being really supportive.

Last week at our monthly meeting/team bonding session they took things one step further in the awesome stakes and presented me with a basket overflowing with baby things. How nice are these people!? I was so overwhelmed and only just managed to hold back the tears (pregnancy hormones!).

The basket included all sorts of baby goodies, singlets, onesies, wipes, toys, baby blankets, beanies, face washers, bathtime essentials, socks and more! Seriously the best team in the world! It was so thoughtful of them and they managed to pull it off as a surprise, I had no idea that they were organising anything. Although that probably says more about how self absorbed I am!

In general my work has been really good as well. They have agreed to let me have 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave even though I am not technically eligible for it and am still within my six months probation. They have also let me cut my hours back to part-time for the last four weeks before I go on leave.

I do realise how lucky I am to have this kind of support in the workplace. Once I have had this baby and am ready to go back to work, I plan to do them proud!

T xx