One Week and Five Days

Yep, we've bitten the bullet and decided to go ahead and book in for the Caesar. It was probably the hardest decision I have had to make in a very long time, but now that it's made I am ok with it.

I'm focusing on all of the positives:
  • We now know exactly when we get to meet our little baby
  • I don't have to risk an emergency caesar
  • Having him two weeks early may mean that he will still be small enough to fit into all of the triple zeros that I have
  • Very soon we are going to be parents!
Although I am very aware the first point isn't guaranteed. I spent two hours awake in the middle of last night with the strongest braxton hicks contractions that I have felt yet. They got so uncomfortable that I ended up getting out of bed and distracting myself with housework. After about half an hour of walking around they started to subside and I went back to bed. The contractions are back again this morning, but just the regular light ones that I get on a daily basis. Made me realise though that I shouldn't count on having one week and 5 days left! I am going to spend the rest of today tying up all of the last minute things that I need to do, just in case.

T xx


jeanie said...

My maths says 1 month and 5 days would make it 25th December?

Ob booked Christmas day for your ceasar?

Tamsyn said...

No silly, one week and five days :) Second of December. I'm not sure Christmas Day would be very Merry if I was having to have a caesar that day.

jeanie said...

Oh ha ha ha ha - pregnancy brain!! You may well be popped before me, then.

Hanna Louise said...

Will be anticipating the arival of baby, all the best x Hannah

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Hannah! We will let you know how it all goes :)