Sand Monster

The other weekend I had some of my family staying with me. One afternoon my Mum, my Sister and I decided to take the dogs and my niece down to the park. There are heaps of parks around my place, but we decided to go to one about a kilometre away so that the dogs could have a decent walk and so that Ava could practice riding her bike.

It was slow going at first, it took Ava a while to get into the swing of things. Mum walked ahead with the dogs and Jen and I helped Ava. Once we got on the downhill stretch (and taught her how to brake rather than fling herself off the bike everytime it got to fast!) it was all good.

Once we got to the park we let Ava and the dogs play for a good half an hour. They had a ball!

It's got me really looking forward to the time when I can take Coop and the little guy down to the park to play :)

T xx