The Monster Eats

We've been feeding Max solids for almost a month now and he has been absolutely loving it.

These pictures are from the first night that we fed him solids. At first he was not at all impressed. It was like he couldn't understand why we were putting funny tasting stuff in his mouth.

Since then things have got much better though and there hasn't been a flavour combination that he hasn't liked. And we've tried lots. Chicken & sweet corn, pumpkin, potato and roast beef, apple custard, banana & mango, spinach, pea, apple and broccoli and heaps more. All good...

... Until we tried to feed him pasta bolognaise. It was a little bit chunky with tiny bits of pasta in it, so a very different texture to anything he'd eaten before, but considering Max is part Italian we thought he would love it. Apparently not. His reaction was so cute that we taped it on the iphone.

I tried feeding it to him again a couple of days later, but he still wasn't liking it. He'll eat broccoli, peas, apple and spinach but not pasta... go figure!

{Sorry for the dodgy camera skills, the Big Man is feeding Max and filming. He's sitting on the table because we still haven't got around to buying him a highchair!}



Lucy said...

Ooooh, I love the mush stage!

Do you have a local Ikea? Their Antilop high chair for $35 is the best!

Veronica said...

That is hilarious! I love it.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

heh heh heh.

He will get his own back one day.

Melody said...

Thank goodness for bibs eh?

Ange & Phil said...

LOVE IT!!! He is so damn cute even when spitting out food! lol! Mine boys never liked any of the tomato based baby foods, or anything that is a little bit of a different texture. They are such funny little things aren't they! Big kisses to Max xoxo

Lauren said...

Very cute... Am starting about giving my own baby solids now.

You've inspired me!

And -- don't buy a high-chair -- skip right to the Fisher-Price booster seat (see mine here: and
It's extremely portable, dishwasher friendly, you can move it from stool to chair when you need a height difference. I liked mine so much I bought a second one. (Sometimes it's at Target on special for $45.)

jeanie said...

That is gorgeous!!!

I must admit, we haven't tried anything tomato-ey just yet - but you have inspired me to post an eating clip.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks all and thanks for the highchair tips :)