Say Hi to That Wife

One of the things I love most about blogging is the blog community that we're all a part of. I think that Bloggers Without Make-up was proof of how awesome and supportive we all are of each other. {Thanks Jodie for thinking up such a great idea!}

I spent a bit if time on Friday clicking through to everyone on the McLinky and checking out all of the {gorgeous} photos.

On Saturday I was working my way through my google reader and was so surprised to see that one of my favourite American bloggers had also joined in Bloggers Without Make-up and had linked back to where she first saw about it... here. Thanks Jenna!

If you've read Jenna's blog you'll probably be aware that she has a whole stack of people that read her blog everyday. So as you can imagine I had a whole lot of people come and visit me that Saturday... on the day that I had blogged with no make-up. It was kind of like having a hundred of your friends turning up at your doorstep on a day where you haven't yet done the dishes! Not to worry, at least it's all uphill from here!

Anyway, I do have a point... If you haven't checked out Jenna's blog {that wife} I highly recommend that you do. She has just had a baby and has done a four part series on her home/water birth and is also an amazing photographer. Well worth clicking over I think :)

Happy reading!



Jenna said...

Hmm, I can see myself being a bit miffed if the situation were to happen in reverse. :) Hopefully some of those readers stuck around, you have a great blog!