Messy Weekend

This weekend had been a wash out.

It's Sunday night and my house is still crazy messy. Dishes in the sink, the floors haven't been vacummed, the laundry is in piles on the couch, there are rubbish bags in the laundry and no groceries in the fridge or cupboard.

My excuse? I've been sick. First with a cold and then with a stomach bug for the last couple of days.

The Big Man has been great. He let me sleep for four hours yesterday in the middle of the day and whilst I was sleeping in this morning he loaded up the dishwasher and did some laundry.

Worst part? One of my neighbours showing up with a box of nappies for me. So nice of her, it would have been really rude of me to not invite her in for a coffee. I sat her down in the front room {which was the only clean room in the house}, but whilst I was making coffee she came into the kitchen to see if she could help me... The shame. She has four kids of her own though so I hope that she at least understands.

Luckily I have tomorrow off, hopefully I can get the house cleaned up then.

I'm off to bed.



Cat Fulton Bensein said...

Hope you are feeling better and that you have a great week x

Rhubarb Whine said...

erk. Feel better soon xx

dining room tables said...

I hope this week will be a better one for you! You really can't get rid of some problems.

Anonymous said...

arrkk - my computer just ate my comment!

Anyway, hope you are feeling better soon. this time of year is horrible with sickness everywhere!

PS - Don't worry about the state of the house - I have not folded the washing for two weeks, the laundry mountain is growing bigger as we speak!


Lauren said...

Remember that feeling when your neighbour saw your dirty kitchen?

If you ever find yourself in the reversed circumstance... where the place you visit is untidy... simply say, "Oh, so you have THOSE days too!"

It's very reassuring.

(Everyone has OFF days, even Martha Stewart!)

jeanie said...

How are you feeling now?

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

she would have totally understood, and probably thought you were awesome to have ONE room tidy.

Get better soon.

Tamela said...

Oh babe - I know how you feel!!! And things just generally seem harder when the house is also out of order - hope you have a great one tomorrow and get it all sorted xoxo

Lulu said...

Hope you are feeling better now!

Been sick sucks anytime but is so much harder with a little one to worry about too.

You haven`t posted in awhile- hope all is okay.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks all, I'm feeling loads better. I will post soon xxoo