My Famous Babies

Both of my furry little babies have recently made their web-debuts and I couldn't be more proud of them :)

The first up was Ollie. My sister used a photo that I had posted here and added a caption to it over at It was completely adorable, but I didn't think much more of it..... Until one morning, I woke up, got myself breakfast, opened up google reader and next thing you know there was my gorgeous little kitten on the lolcats feed. Adorable, yes?

He has grown up so much since I took this picture!

More recently Cooper had his 15 minutes of fame on Terry Stanley's blog, dog days of painting. The painting is even more amazing in real life and every time I look at it I remember how incredibly cute my dog is!


Chrisy said...

Fabulous little painting there...lucky you!

Tamsyn said...
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Tamsyn said...

Thanks Chrisy, I love it!!