A Healthy Baby, but not such a Healthy Mum

Everything is going really well with my pregnancy and at our twenty week scan last week we found out that we are having a baby boy. As you can imagine the Big Man and I are both very excited and can't wait to meet the little guy.

Since I last posted we have had two scans, the twenty week one that I just mentioned and our 13 week scan. I have a couple of short videos from each that I will put up here as soon as the Big Man shows me how :) Our baby is growing really quickly and is a bit bigger than we first thought. On Monday he was about 21cm long and 330 grams. I feel him moving around each night when I go to bed and have also felt him a couple of times during the day when I have been moving around. It is such an amazing feeling and I can't wait until he is big enough for the Big Man to feel as well.

Now that we know that we are having a boy we have decided to get started on the nursery and I am thinking about blue, orange and chocolate as a colour scheme. It sounds crazy, so I have posted a couple of photos that are inspiring me (both images are from Project Nursery).

I think we are going to get started on the painting next weekend!

Whilst the baby is nice and healthy and growing well, I am not doing so great at the moment. A bit more than a month ago I lost the vision in one of my eyes, and even though I thought it was probably just a pregnancy migraine I went to the doctor just to be sure. The doctor was unsure about the situation and sent me to the hospital where the did a few tests on my eyes. Again the doctors there weren't sure what was going on so they sent me for an MRI. On the day of the MRI I was an absolute mess, my Obstetrician had assured me that it was perfectly safe to have an MRI whilst pregnant, but I was still really nervous and when we got there the nurse we met with told me that she wouldn't be having one if she was pregnant. That was it for me, I was in tears and ready to walk out the door. We met with the radiographer who said all the same things that my Ob had said and I ended up going through with scan. It wasn't pleasant, I kept my eyes closed the whole time because I felt really claustrophobic and it was over in 25 minutes.

All along the doctors kept telling me that there was probably nothing to worry about and that they were just doing the scans to rule out all possibilities, so it was fairly easy for me to stay (relatively) positive throughout the last couple of weeks. I was so confident that nothing was actually wrong with me that I asked for the results to be released to my GP so that we wouldn't have to drive the 45 minutes to the hospital just to be told that nothing was wrong.

On Tuesday morning the Big Man and I went along to the GP to get my results and it turns out that I have about 30 small lesions on my brain. Which would be no big deal if I was 85, but at my age it is apparently cause for concern. I have been back up to the hospital for a few repeat tests and at this stage MS is being mentioned a lot, but I still haven't been given any definites. I meet with a neuro-ophthalmologist (brain and eye specialist) on Friday and another neurologist on Monday to try and get some more concrete answers.

Whilst it isn't the end of the world, it is still a scary thing to think about. I am however, very much looking forward to the birth of our Son and am trying to focus on all of the positives that he will bring into our lives.

Throughout the last couple of weeks the Big Man has been absolutely amazing (even more so that normal) and although it is a cliche he really has been my rock. I know that I wouldn't be coping if I didn't have him by my side every step of the way.

xx Tamsyn


Jen said...

I love you. My nephew is going to be the cutest!

Tamsyn said...

Thanks J!