Our First Scan


Meet our little peanut! We had our first appointment with our obstetrician on Wednesday at 3pm. It was amazing!

When we first arrived at the clinic we had to answer a million questions, which I found really hard to concentrate on because all I wanted to do was see that there was actually a baby inside my belly. All day I'd been stressing out that I was imagining the whole pregnancy and that when they did they scan there wasn't going to be a baby (crazy, I know).

When we finally got to the scan I was amazed at how quickly we got to see the baby. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and I still get tears in my eyes when I remember that first image of our baby and seeing it's tiny heart beating so quickly.

The doctor pointed out all the bits and pieces, big head, arm buds, beating heart, umbilical cord, legs etc and I just lay there holding the Big Man's hand whilst I alternated between crying and laughing. Have I mentioned how amazing it was!?

We did find out though that we are only nine and a half weeks, not ten and a half. I guess that explains why I didn't get a positive test until (what I thought was) 5 weeks. It was a bit hard to grasp at first because every Monday we open up the baby book and look at the picture of the week that we are up to and read about what our baby is doing that week. I think that once we get past ten weeks (again) I won't mind so much, because we will be able to start moving forward again.

All in all it was the most amazing day of my life so far, I think that it even beats my wedding day!

T xx


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Oh I remember that! So amazingly wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

And that baby of mine is now sitting in her room with her boyfriend. She will be 18 in October. And what you described feels like it was yesterday.

Tamsyn said...

I know what you mean about being terrifying. It makes it seem so much more real now. As for boyfriends and 18th birthdays.... definitely not ready to start thinking about those yet ;)

jeanie said...

Congratulations!!! You are having a Christmas baby - woo hoo!!!!

Sorry you are feeling not so hot - but yay.

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Jeanie, I am feeling great now, so all is good!