A Busy Weekend

My first week back at work was topped off by a busy weekend as well and I am now officially exhausted.

On Friday night, the Big Man, Max and I drove over an hour to the other side of Brisbane to help celebrate our friend Doug's 30th Birthday. As we always do when we catch up with this particular group of friends, we had a blast! Because I started work at 7am the next morning we weren't able to stay late and the Big Man needed to stay sober so that he was in a good frame of mind to take care of Max the next day. The Big Man was a bit disappointed that he wasn't able to let loose and drink with the boys, but I think that being a Dad outweighed his feeling of missing out!

After I finished work the next day I went to my companies Sales Awards Night. It was my first night out without Max and the Big Man... I had a great time, but by 10pm I was ready to come home to my boys :)

One thing that I found really interesting was realising how different some of my collegues are outside of work. I guess when people have a few drinks they feel like they can relax and show more of themselves!

I had a great weekend, but I was so glad to have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off to catch up on my sleep. (How old does that make me sound!!).

T xx