2 Months Old

Dear Max,

Happy two months old! Wow, I am amazed at how much difference a month can make. You don't look or sound like a newborn any more and you most certainly don't act like one. You're now a baby boy through and through.

The hands down best thing that has happened this month is your enormous smile. We love it so much. At first you started out smiling at us in bed each morning after your 5 or 6am feed. Now we can't stop you, you smile and laugh all the time! I might be biased, but I think that you have the most beautiful smile in the entire world :)

A couple of weeks ago I read that from six weeks on you might start spending up to 10 hours a day awake. I looked at Daddy and said how lucky we were to have a little boy that loves to sleep. Well, you certainly showed us! Over the last couple of weeks you have spent a lot more time awake.... and wanting to be held. We have lots of games and activities for you, but your favourite thing is just to be held. It doesn't matter who holds you, as long as you can feel a warm set of arms, you're a happy contented baby.

This month more than anything else I am feeling the love that you have for Daddy and I. We've noticed that you watch us a lot more and if we leave the room you will often have something to say about it! We love that you love us, it makes us feel very special.

Your have three favourite games at the moment. The first is when Daddy talks to you in a silly voice, it is guaranteed to make you smile every time (and me... I absolutely love watching you two hang out together!). You also love playing 'kicky legs', whether it's on the change-table, on the bed or in your bouncer. You just love to kick and I love to hold on to your feet and help you kick (especially whilst I hum the can-can music - I figure I can only get away with this for a short amount of time before it embarrasses you, so I'm definitely making the most of it!). The third thing that you really love right now is your crinkly book. We read it everyday and it gets you smiling every single time.

When I think back at how much has happened this month I get so excited about this next month will bring.

Everyday I think that I couldn't possibly love you any more, but as time goes on I continue to love you more and more. You are my amazing baby boy!

Lots of Love, Mummy xxoo


Melody said...


Love a smiling baby! And Max is no exception! How lucky are we that we get to see a little person grow and grow. I was thrilled last night when MissL (5 months this week) slept for 12 1/2 SOLID hours!! My goodness - and then today she rolled from back to tummy over and over and over again. Woo-hoo!

In regards to those Pod Chairs, I only recently bought ours but Max should be right to go into one in a month or so. They're pretty good and she enjoys looking at the world from that prospective. (I think they say those chairs are right for baby use once they can hold their heads up...)

Tamsyn said...

Big milestones Melody, congrats! I have to say - right now - I am probably looking forward to when Max sleeps through the night most of all!

Thanks for the info on the pod chairs, Max can hold his head up really well now, but it still sometimes drops forward or back if he's really tired. Another month or so sounds great :)

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