Crafty Cupboards


At the moment I am going a little bit crazy waiting for my house to be built. The place I am living in at the moment is very small and not very homely and it can leave me feeling a little bit blue. I decided this weekend that the best thing I could do would be something that would make me feel like I was one step closer to my new house.

I had a few ideas in mind and decided that kitchen jars would be a good first project. Right now I don't have a pantry, just four small cupboards that are overflowing with food. So one of the things I am looking forward to the most in the new house is having a spacious walk in panty. I was thinking that the nicest thing in the world would be to be able to walk into my new panty and have lots of beautiful jars instead of mismatched boxes and containers. I had been itching to try an off the page style scrapbook project, so this was just perfect.

I started out at Big W where I picked up some relatively cheap jars with silver lids (I already had a few beautiful glass jars that my lovely Mum had given to me, but definitely needed more). I also had a look in the srapbooking section there and choose a colour scheme that I think I will love for lots of years. I picked up some papers, embelishments, ribbons, glue, paint and paintbrushes whilst I was there. The next stop was my favourite scrapbooking store (Two Scrappin Chicks), where, with the help of the ever lovely Cheryl, I got the rest of the bits and pieces that I needed; chipboard shapes, more embelishments (you can never have to many), magic clear stuff that probably has a name and some great tools for filing things.

Once I got my supplies home the first thing I did was mix up some paints to match the accents in my papers so that I could paint the (not so nice silver) lids of my new jars, as well as the chipbpard tags. This was a pretty big deal for me, the last time I painted anything I would have been about 12 years old! Once all of the painting was dry I got to work on making my labels and decorating the painted lids. I tried to make sure that every label was a little bit different and I had loads of fun coming up with new ideas. I made 15 lables all up and have posted some photos below so that you can see for yourself.

Considering it was my very first craft project (except for Scrapbooking) I am really happy with the results. Now I just can't wait until my new pantry is ready for me to use, in the meantime I am sad to say that my lovely jars will be tucked away in my four small cupboards.

Until next time, T xx