Happy Valentines Day

The Big Man doesn't listen to me very much at all and he generally does what he wants to, when he wants to. So it was much to my surprise this Valentines Day when he finally did listen to me.

Only problem was, he wasn't surposed to.........

Really, when I have I ever truly not wanted a present? Sure, I said that I thought we should make more of an effort to cut out extra spending and that I would be happy with just his company this year. But honestly did I ever really mean it?

This month we are going to see how much extra money we can save by being a bit more frugal. So in the lead up to Valentines Day, I of course said that this year no present was neccesary - I even meant it, for all of 10 seconds, before I changed my mind. Only problem was that the Big Man didn't catch on when I changed my mind..........

I thought the fact that I let him know that the kitchen was off limits on Wednesday night so that I could bake him his special Valentines surprise might have been a hint... If that wasn't enough, I was convinced that after he got my lovingly homemade gift this morning that he would be straight on the phone to the florist, or at least pay a quick visit to the florist in our office block. But no, he honestly still believed that I didn't want a present this year. It took me a while, but by lunchtime I had realised that no flowers had been ordered. A few years ago (or even last year) this might have been a dramatic situation that could have very well ended in tears, but I like to think I have grown up quite a lot since then (well at least a little bit). This year I was able to take control of the potential diasater. I simply took the Big Man shopping at lunch time and let him know that it would be nice if we could get me a little something. I ended up with a gorgeous, baby pink, silky robe that I had wanted for ages. Next year I think I will try the same approach!

Valentines Day Card and Special Valentines Slice - Made with love by Me

T xx