The Pooper Strikes Back

This morning whilst I was getting ready for work I found Cooper asleep on my bed hugging his (completely destroyed and de-stuffed) monkey. It was the sweetest thing and I decided to take a photo of it. I picked up my camera to take the photo, but then decided to use the Big Man's fancy-pants digital SLR instead, so that I could actually get a decent picture. The Big Man's camera was flat though, but by this stage I had my heart set on taking some Dooce worthy doggy pictures and went in search of The Big Man's charger. I didn't find it. Instead I found a big, steaming, smelly dog poo on the carpet in our home office. Not happy.

I don't often give Cooper credit for being very smart (probably because he's really not a very smart puppy), but I think he had it all sussed out this morning. He figured that if he acted all sweet and innocent and hugged his monkey while he slept, that I wouldn't be able to punish him for pooping on the floor. Didn't work though. Because I have a truly evil streak, I punished him by shutting his Cat watching window and pulling the blinds. Now he will spend all day not knowing whether or not there are Cats invading his yard. Which I am pretty sure is his worst fear. He is absolutely obsessed with the 20 odd Cats that live in our street and he makes it his business to make sure that none of them step foot into our yard. He will probably need therapy by the time I get home. Might teach him for pooping on the floor though!

xxoo Tamsyn


Lightening said...

Animals are like kids aren't they - they seem to instinctively know the right time to turn on the "cute". :)

Tamsyn said...

So true!