Another Quick Getaway

This week the Big Man and I took a quick up to Hervey Bay, the Big Man went for work and I tagged along so that I could catch up with my sister and her family. I love any excuse to catch up with my sister and hanging out with my niece is one of my favourite things in the world. She is such a darling and so funny. The things that she comes out with are adorable, but I wont bore you with them seeing as anyone with their own children or nieces or nephews will know exactly what I mean!

We took Cooper with us as well, he really likes being at the Big Man's parents house and always makes himself at home in his favourite chair.

I was completely slack and didn't make any effort to catch up with any of my friends, but I figure that seeing as it was a week night, no-one would have really felt like getting up to too much anyway.

T xx


Cat Fulton Bensein said...

Oh pity it was a short trip, its always nice to see you when you are in town. Looking forward to catching up again soon xox