Happy Blog-aversay to Me!

Yep, that's right. It has been one year today. I have been so focused on all of the natural disasters that our country is throwing at us that I almost didn't notice.

I have been quite slack with my blogging lately, but I really do love having a place that I can share how I am feeling, what's happening in my life and all of the things that are grabbing my attention at any particular moment. I plan on making this year's blogging a little bit more regular than last years!

Here's a quick recap of My (not so) Perfect Life's existence.

February 2008 of course saw the birth of my blog. I also celebrated Valentine's Day with a less than romantic fiance, made cute labels for my kitchen jars, promised to get married and drooled over a cake that my Sister found on Martha Stewart.

In March I only blogged once, but it was a very a very special post because I showed off my newly purchased bridesmaid's dresses and spilled the details on my 'dates' with the Big Man.

I didn't blog at all in April or May...... I will make up for it this year, I promise!!

I got myself into gear in June and started the month by posting pictures of my muddy puppy and the ribbon caddy that I decorated. The rest of the month was punctuated with highs and lows, we had a trip to Heron Island planned, Little Miss Ava was flown down to the intensive care unit at the Royal Brisbane and my Mother-in-law and I went to Mt Buller, but it didn't snow.

July was my best blogging month of the year, with a whopping 13 posts! I realised that starting a weight loss blog had more hurdles that I first thought, I gave my blog a make-over, thought about eloping, started a diet, opened up and admitted to a serious weight problem as well as my battle with depression, posted an update on our home, dedicated an entire post to wedding preparations, wondered if getting pregnant before my wedding would be a good idea, posted a cute photo of Cooper feeling the cold and posted another cute photo of Cooper being a baby.

August was a month full of positives. I wrote my first Smily Saturday post and we finally moved into our new home. I also managed to buy more shoes that I needed for my wedding and wrote about the adorable things that my neice says.

In September the Big Man and I got married!! This meant that there really wasn't much time for blogging... I did get a chance to write about two very special birthdays though.

October was a great month for the Big Man and I. We went on our honeymoon, enjoyed spending time in our new home and wondered if Cooper would ever learn.

Not much happened on my blog in November because we still didn't have the internet at home, but I did make the most of the web whilst I was in Hervey Bay and then posted a quick update on what we had been up to during the month.

We got our internet back in December and I started to post a bit more regularly. Some of the highlights were, a fun personality based gift guide, more cute Cooper photos, a smiley Saturday post about lazy Saturdays, my finished Christmas cards, I did my first meme (fittingly it was all about firsts!), even more cute photos of Cooper dressed up in Christmas gear and snapshots of my very, very messy kitchen.

In January I did the obligatory New Year's resolution post and also did the Top 100 Aussie Things meme.

Looking back, I feel like I had a great year. Here's to 2009!

xxoo T


Lightening said...

Happy Blog-aversary to you! :) A great milestone. :) Congratulations.

Lightening said...

Hi Tamsyn - you won a desk calendar in the Lightening's Travelling T-Shirt giveaway. I'm finally getting around to following up those winners who haven't been in contact with me yet (sorry about that). Anyway, if you could get in touch with some postage details, I can get it in the mail to you.

You can find the announcement post here:


Tamsyn said...

Thanks Lightening!! I saw that I won (of course seeing as I subscribe to your feed :) ), but forgot to email you and then I when I remembered I thought it might be too late. Anyway I would love to get the calender and will email you. Thanks again xx