Presents Galore

I love giving presents, I love giving them about as much as I like receiving them and that is saying something since I really, really like getting presents.

This year I have been really unsure about what to get all of my family..... every year it seems like they have more of the things that they want, leaving less things for me to get for them....

Luckily though one of my favourite blogs - working girl - had a link to a great personality test, gift generator..... It is so much fun and surprisingly accurate.

I did the Big Man first and here is what I got:

Personality Type - The Geek (haha so true, even though he is also a very manly man)
Friday Night Date: Battling for supremacy in an online gaming tournament.
Uniform: Glasses and Blackberry holster attached to his belt.
Ride: Segway - Ok.... maybe this one was a bit wrong
Reading List: PC World, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, CNET, Gizmodo.
On his TiVo: Increased memory after he hacked into it.
Native Habitat: TED Conference, Silicon Valley, his desk glued to his high-powered PC.
Famous Examples: Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Shawn Fanning.

Those of you who know him will know how spot on this is...... and those of you who don't, you will just have to trust me when I say that have hit the nail on the head. The site also listed some great gift ideas (which is the whole point really).....

I'm off to work out what to get for the rest of my family!

Happy Holidays xxoo


Ching Ya said...

Oh Dear!! Tamsyn, you're so amazing!! I can't thank you enough for providing that link. I was having headaches about the Christmas presents.. thanks to you, now I have better choices! Bless you !! *Hugs*

Tamsyn said...

I'm glad to hear that you found it useful :) Happy present shopping!

HWPP said...

Oh that has got him down to tee! Coincidently its the same for Richard. Mmmmm that donut maker looks good!

Tamsyn said...

Mmmmm donuts....