Best Frenemies

They may not be as well groomed as Blair and Serena, but they sure do have the love/hate thing down pat.

xx Tamsyn


jeanie said...

Oh aren't they gorgeous? Who needs television when you can watch the animals, hey?

HWPP said...

ohhh I want a puppy! Swap you a cat?

Anonymous said...

Awwww... cuties! Good photos, too :-)

Tamsyn said...

They are so cute aren't they?! Whenever Oscar comes over to visit, they spend the entire day playing like that :)

Jeanie - It's probably a good thing that are so entertaining seeing as our TV broke last week and we haven't had it fixed yet :)

HWPP - Sorry, not going to happen ;)

Nomesquelife - Thanks! I just took those pictures with my point and shoot. I did take some proper ones with The Big Man's dslr, but I was too lazy to convert them to jpegs so that I could post them.... I'm glad you like them!

Lynsey said...

That's too cute! :D

Tamsyn said...

Thanks Lynsey. I think they are adorable, but I am very biased :)