Smiley Saturday - Loving Lazy Saturdays

Reason to Smile #1
Today I slept in. Then when I did wake up, I made myself a cup of coffee and some raisin toast (yum) and went back to bed with my laptop. Perfection!

Reason to Smile #2
I went shopping with one of my friends yesterday, with strict instructions from the Big Man not to spend any money (seeing as I am unemployed and not contributing to the household wealth etc etc). I did very well considering I am a spendaholic, I managed to limit my spending to very, very cute pair of pale pink Keds - $20, a present for my sister - $65 and lunch and wine at my new favourite Italian restaurant - $30. The amount of things that I didn't buy was what really made me smile, I added up the cost of all the things that I found that I normally would have bought and it turns out I managed to 'save' $360!!! The best thing..... The Big Man was totally ok with the couple of things that I did buy :)

Reason to Smile #3
It's almost Christmas!!

Reason to Smile #4
I started actually applying for jobs this week and I am feeling much more confident about the whole process now. Hopefully I will get some interviews between now and Christmas so that I can start working again in the new year.

Reason to Smile #5
My BFF has started her new job over in Argentina and seems to be having an amazing time. I was reminded when I read her email about what an amazing person she is. She has so much self confidence and such a strong belief that she truly can do anything she sets her mind to. I admire her so much!

I hope you are all having a very Smiley Saturday too :)

xx Tamsyn

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Maddy said...

That is a lot to smile about. I certainly envy the idea of breakfast and then returning to bed, with a lap top! How strange are we. Don't think it will be happening around here any time soon though.
Best wishes

Gattina said...

Congrats to your unshopped things, lol ! You also had a nice start into the day !
You know when our son found these porn magazines he was only 4 and it really didn't interest him (yet), lol !

HWPP said...

What are Keds?

Does this mean I have to spend more than $2 on your Christmas present now? :oP

Tamsyn said...

Maddy - I know! I am making the most of it before I have kids. People keep telling me that my sleeping in days are numbered :)

Gattina - I will have to try the Cookie trick on my husband next time he looks twice at a gorgeous blond!

Jen - Keds are casual canvas shoes, very cute and very comfy. And yes at least $4.50 please ;)