My First Smiley Saturday!


Every Saturday one of my favourite bloggers - Lightening - has a Smiley Saturday post, where she writes about something that is worth smiling about. I have been meaning to write my own Smiley Saturday post for ages.... so here it is!

The best thing I have done all week was to go to Dreamworld with my Sister (J), our Dad and J's Daughter Ava. All four of us had a great day, but I think Ava (she's three years old) probably had the most fun of all of us.

'Pappy' (my Dad) and Little Miss Ava on the train at the very start of the day.

Little Miss A had such a great time feeding all of the baby animals, it was soooo cute!

Isn't she gorgeous!?

J has recently lost 10 kilos thanks to Optifast, I am inspired :)

For me this was the stand-out highlight of the day.... when it was Ava's turn to have her photo taken with Dora the Explorer she ran up to her and hugged her like she was a long lost friend. It was adorable, there was even a group 'awwww' as she did it. She wasn't really interested in turning around to have her photo taken she was too busy chatting away a-mile-a-minute to Dora. She did turn around eventually and the photographer got a gorgeous shot of her!

J had a great time on the Blue's Clues ride..... I think it was designed for kids J!!

I took Ava for a ride on the Carousel.....

Hehe, Dad and J didn't actually watch this ride before they hopped on and weren't expecting it to go upside down :) Ava said to me, 'Why are they screaming? Have they been naughty?'. It was very tempting to say yes, yes they have...

We had such a great day!! Happy Smiley Saturday everyone :)

T xx


DebbieDD said...

What a great story Tamsyn. As I read the last line, I realized I had a big ol' smile on my face!! Kids always make me smile!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a great gorgeous story tamsyn. It lighten up the weekends especially for childrens such as Ava. Take care. From a Pacific Cyperman ;-)

Russ said...

It was a wonderful story. If you are around a child you can never be sad. She is a real princess. I spent today with my granddaughter. It was her fourth birthday. My wife hasn't released the pictures yet.

Visit me for a wife of the future- wife of now post.

Princess said...

Ava surely will evoke a smile from anyone. She's so adorable.
It makes me smile looking at all those beautiful happy pictures. Thanks for sharing your enjoyable family weekend.

Tamsyn said...

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Debbie - I am so glad that I made you smile, it was just so sweet watching Ava talk to Dora. I think that she must think that Dora is her friend not just some girl that is on tv!!

Zetu - she does have a special talent for making me smile :) I can't wait to have kids of my own.

Russ - very true! I really liked your story and carton, my sister J also had a good laugh when she read it, thanks for the link :)

Princess - (love your name) Thanks, I think she is adorable too, but I am definitely biased!

I hope you all had a great weekend