The cute things Ava says

I know, I know..... she's not actually my daughter, but seeing as I don't have any kids yet I tend to focus all of my love on to her :)

She really is the sweetest little girl and being that she is 3, she does tend to say the most adorable things.....

Ava talking about her Pappy (my Dad)
Jen (Ava's Mum): Guess what Ava?
Ava: What?
J: We are going somewhere really fun on Friday
A: Where?
J: To Dreamworld! Yay! Do you want to know who is coming with us?
A: Who?
J: Pappy!
A: Pappy has no hair.
End Conversation

The other day while drawing pictures together:-
A: I'm going to draw a picture of Daddy.
J: Okay
A: Big Circle, dot for eye, dot for eye, line for mouth, there!
J: Is that Daddy?
A: No. Its Pappy, he has no hair.

Luckily my Dad got over his baldness complex a few years ago!

The other day I had a few girls and their kids over for lunch and Ava started talking to a (gorgeous) little boy who is quite a bit younger than her and doesn't yet speak a lot.... She chatted away to him for a little while and then looked over at us all and announced "this boy speaks Spanish". I think she must have decided that because she couldn't understand him, he must be speaking another language! Awwww.

Another great thing that Ava has been doing lately is charming the pants off my soon to be in-laws. Every time she goes over to visit them she does the cutest things and I think they are starting to get really excited about having their own grand children soon :)

Just in-case you can't tell, I am really looking forward to having children of my own!

T xx


HWPP said...

You know you can always "borrow" Ava to charm the in-laws right? There will be a fee of course....

PS. Stop stealing material for my stand-up routine! Haha joking :o)

Tamsyn said...

Sorry J! She is just so cute and I can't help myself :)