7 Days to Bliss

If all goes to plan for the next 7 days, this time next week the Big Man and I will be handed the keys to our new home.... About time :) I am pinching myself even as I type!

Where we are currently living is on a 4 lane road and we run a business from the house. When we moved in we thought it would just be for 4-6 months, but we have just passed the year mark. So for the last year, the only relaxing we have done is on holidays (which have been few and far between). During the day we are always aware that a customer may drop in without a booking and at night we sleep with the constant noise of trucks and their exhaust brakes. We also use the lounge room as the office, so we really only have a kitchen, bedroom and another little bedroom that we have the tv, and wii in (not that they ever get used). We eat our meals at our desks in the office or sitting on the couch in the tiny tv room and the Pooper has a a gravel backyard instead of grass. The poor puppy used to get confused when we started taking him on walks and to the park, he didn't realise that it was normal to pee on grass and would go for the concrete because it looked the most like his gravelly backyard!

Suffice to say I am looking forward to moving into our new home for so many reasons. Having real neighbours next door instead of businesses, sitting down at a table for dinner, feeling like I can relax and de-stress whilst I am at home, having an outdoor area with a bbq again, having a bath tub, not having groceries fall on my head everytime I open the tiny (and too full) cupboard and so much more.

Building a house has been a real eye opener for us. We have never owned a home before and didn't really look at many existing homes before we decided to build. We really went into it without completely understanding the process, if we ever get the chance to build again we will at least be prepared for how long it takes from start to finish.

This weekend I am only going to think positively and am going to spend the weekend packing up everything that we don't need on a day to day basis.

Please cross your fingers for me that I won't have to spend another weekend living at work after this one!

T xx