Cold, Achy, but Content

I have spent this afternoon and evening sitting on the floor in the tv room, watching the Olympics and making invitations. Yep, five weeks out and still going on them :) Luckily everyone knows when the wedding is and some people have already started to RSVP. Oh well, maybe it will help create the relaxed vibe I am after on the day!

The weather here in Queensland is sooo cold this week and the floor is freezing. I feel old after sitting on the floor leaning over for 4 hours. My back aches, my shoulders are sore and my back is stiff. Small price to pay for hours of Olympic viewing pleasure though! I love the Olympics and double bonus the gymnastics apparatus finals are on again tonight :)

I think I am going to pack up the invites for tonight, pull out my Doona and settle in for a few more hours of sports...