Super Busy - Quick Update!

Wow - August is turning into a crazy month for me! I have barely had time to think so far this month let alone blog regularly...

Here is what's on the menu this month:

1. Thirty Day Challenge - This is a internet marketing program that I am doing with my sister and tens of thousands of other people around the world. I am loving it and getting so much out if it already, I just wish I had a few spare hours each day to sit down and focus on it.

2. Moving House!!! - We have our walk through tomorrow and from then our builders have two weeks in which to finalise everything and give us the keys :0) Every time I remember that I will be living in my new home before the end of the month I get giddy with excitement!

3. Planning our wedding... yep still working on this. The wedding is less than 7 weeks away now and I still have so much to do. Luckily I have the two best bridesmaids in the entire world (I love you J and Ez).

4. All the usuals as well... working full time, trying to keep my house clean, spending us much time with my family as possible and making time to catch up with my friends.

5. Cooper (The Pooper) - as I type he is head-butting my arm in the hope that I will notice him and throw the ball for him. (Does anyone else have a dog that head-butts them?)

From what I hear I am not alone though.... it seems like August is a busy month for a lot of people this year. At least it won't be a boring month!

T xx