Still Living in Limbo

Today it is raining and I have to confess that I am not happy about that. Which is practically a sin considering that we are living in the midst of the longest drought in the history of south-east Queensland. I have a good reason for disliking the rain, so hopefully I will be forgiven..... Our house is still not finished, in fact it isn't even close to being finished and to make matters worse the roof is leaking in our little (not so) temporary home! The only one who doesn't seem to mind the rain is the Pooper, he found a hole behind the shed that had filled up with water and mud and had himself a very good time....

The Pooper was overdue for a bath anyway.........

The one thing I do love about the rain is that it gives me time for craft. I bought a ribbon caddy for my collection of ribbons a couple of weeks ago and I managed to get it beautifully decorated over the weekend. I choose a really pretty and colourful scheme to make up for the grey skies outside. Much easier to find the perfect ribbon now!



Much better I think!

As much as I love craft weekends, I do hope it stops raining soon so that they can finish my house. I will post some photos of the progress soon.

T xx