Mt Buller Here I Come!


This week I am lucky enough to be heading off to the snow with The Big Man’s Mum (my future mil). We are leaving very early on Thursday morning and staying up there for 3 nights - I can’t wait!!

The last time I saw snow was 3 years ago in Tasmania and before that it was in Waco, Texas (strange, but true!) and I have never actually been skiing. Suffice to say I am very excited :)

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping to buy some clothes for the upcoming trip, but I was completely unprepared for how expensive they are. I ended up just getting a pair of ski pants and am going to borrow a few bits and pieces from my future mil and hire everything else that I need. If I go again next year I will get a jacket and slowly build up my snow gear that way. I don’t think my bank balance (or The Big Man) would cope with a full blown ‘snow trip shopping spree’.

I plan to enjoy every moment and hopefully I will come back with lots of photos and no broken bones.

Check back soon!

T xx